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Confirmation of linear system theory prediction: Rate of change of Herrnstein's kappa as a function of response-force requirement.
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Four human subjects worked on all combinations of five variable-interval schedules and five reinforcer magnitudes ( cent/reinforcer) in each of two phases of the experiment. In one phase the force requirement on the operandum was low (1 or 11 N) and in the other it was high (25 or 146 N). Estimates of Herrnstein's kappa were obtained at each reinforcer magnitude. The results were: (1) response rate was more sensitive to changes in reinforcement rate at the high than at the low force requirement, (2) kappa increased from the beginning to the end of the magnitude range for all subjects at both force requirements, (3) the reciprocal of kappa was a linear function of the reciprocal of reinforcer magnitude for seven of the eight data sets, and (4) the rate of change of kappa was greater at the high than at the low force requirement by an order of magnitude or more. The second and third findings confirm predictions made by linear system theory, and replicate the results of an earlier experiment (McDowell & Wood, 1984). The fourth finding confirms a further prediction of the theory and supports the theory's interpretation of conflicting data on the constancy of Herrnstein's kappa.
J J McDowell; H M Wood
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Title:  Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior     Volume:  43     ISSN:  0022-5002     ISO Abbreviation:  J Exp Anal Behav     Publication Date:  1985 Jan 
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Created Date:  2010-06-29     Completed Date:  2010-06-29     Revised Date:  2010-09-15    
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