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Chapter 9 protein arginine methyltransferases nuclear receptor coregulators and beyond.
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Protein arginine methyltransferases (PRMTs) are a family of enzymes that play a crucial role in diverse cellular functions. Several PRMTs have been associated with gene expression regulation, in which PRMTs act as histone methyltransferases, secondary coregulators of transcription, or facilitate mRNA splicing and stability. Additional functions include modulation of protein localization, ribosomal assembly, and signal transduction. At the organismal level, several PRMTs appear to be important for development and may play an important role in cancer. The relationships between their cellular and organismal functions are poorly understood; at least in part due to the large body of enzymatic substrates for PRMTs and their transcriptional targets that remain to be determined. Specific PRMT inhibitors have been developed in recent years, which should help to shed light on their diverse biological roles. Connecting PRMT cellular functions with their global effects on an organism will facilitate development of novel treatments for human diseases.
Peter Kuhn; Wei Xu
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