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Behavioral responses of crayfish (Orconectes virilis andOrconectes rusticus) to chemical feeding stimulants.
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We conducted two experiments to assess how chemical stimuli affect feeding behavior, grooming, and walking in the crayfishesOrconectes virilis andOrconectes rusticus. In the first experiment,O. virilis was tested with 29 amino acids; in the second experiment,0. rusticus was tested with 12 amino acids, 13 additional single compounds, and two six-compound mixtures. InO. virilis, the following amino acids, in order of potency, elicited feeding movements:L-isoleucine, glycine, hydroxy-L-proline,L-glutamate,L-valine, and B-alanine. Grooming increased in response toL-phenylalanine,L-tryptophan,L-tyrosine,L-leucine,L-methionine, and D-aspartate. InO. rusticus, both mixtures and the following single compounds, in order of potency, elicited feeding movements: cellobiose, sucrose, glycine, maltose, glycogen, nicotinic acid methyl ester, putrescine, andL-glutamate. Grooming increased in response to putrescine only, and walking increased in response to glycogen only. The responsiveness of these crayfishes to a wide variety of chemicals may reflect the omnivorous foraging habits of these crustaceans.
A J Tierney; J Atema
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Title:  Journal of chemical ecology     Volume:  14     ISSN:  0098-0331     ISO Abbreviation:  J. Chem. Ecol.     Publication Date:  1988 Jan 
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Marine Biological Laboratory, Boston University Marine Program, 02543, Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
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