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Behavioral control by an imprinted stimulus.
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Newly hatched ducklings were exposed to imprinting procedures and subsequently trained to peck a key by presenting the imprinting stimulus as the reinforcing (response contingent) event. It was found that the key peck was learned only when imprinting procedures were initiated during the first 6 to 8 hr after hatch. Additional studies revealed that: (1) the duckling's distress vocalizations were reduced in the presence of the imprinting stimulus and enhanced in its absence; (2) when the ducklings had constant access to the imprinted stimulus (via a key peck), pecking responses occurred in bursts and relatively few distress vocalizations occurred; (3) the initial effect of extinction procedures was an increase in key peck rate. When, however, repeated key pecks failed to produce the imprinted stimulus, distress vocalization ensued and peck rate declined; (4) both the presentation of an unfamiliar mechanical figure and delivery of electrical shock enhanced distress vocalization and key pecks; (5) for some ducklings, certain familiar objects in the environment influenced distress calls in a manner comparable to the imprinted stimulus in that distress calls increased when these objects were removed.
H S Hoffman; J L Searle; S Toffey; F Kozma
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Title:  Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior     Volume:  9     ISSN:  0022-5002     ISO Abbreviation:  J Exp Anal Behav     Publication Date:  1966 May 
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