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47,Xxx in an adolescent with premature ovarian failure and autoimmune disease
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Background: Premature ovarian failure (POF) is often associated with autoimmune disorders. The 47,XXX karyotype has also been associated with POF and other genitourinary abnormalities. Following is a case of a 17 year old with immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), POF, 47, XXX and a positive antinuclear antibody (ANA).Case Report: A 17 year old Caucasian female was referred to the Adolescent Health Clinic for evaluation of oligomenorrhea with secondary amenorrhea. Thelarche occurred at 12 years, and menarche at 13 years of age. Since then she had a total of five menstrual periods, spaced 1-15 months apart and lasting 3-5 days. Her last menstrual period was six months prior to presentation. Past medical history was significant for chronic ITP diagnosed seven months prior to presentation, when she developed easy bruising. She was treated with IV gamma globulin and had a moderate response, but relapsed several weeks later. She was started on oral prednisone and had a good response, but continued to relapse whenever steroids were tapered. She was therefore maintained on prednisone 10 mg QOD. There was no family history of irregular menses or autoimmune disease. Physical exam revealed a well-appearing, slightly Cushingoid 17 year old. Physical and cognitive development were age-appropriate. There were no stigmata of Turner Syndrome. The thyroid was normal. Breasts were Tanner 5; public hair was Tanner 3. The external genitalia were normal and appeared well-estrogenized. The remainder of the exam was unremarkable. Pelvic ultrasound demonstrated a normal uterus and ovaries. Laboratory evaluation was significant for elevated gonadotropins and nondetectable estradiol. ANA was positive at 1:320 with a speckled pattern. Blood counts, serologies, complement levels, and coagulation studies were otherwise normal. Cytogenetic studies revealed a 47,XXX karyotype. The patient was placed on an estrogen/norethindrone hormone replacement patch for premature ovarian failure. To date, she has developed no further symptoms, and does not meet criteria for a diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosis.Conclusions: A 47,XXX karyotype was found in a 17 year old with POF and ITP with a positive ANA. The presence of known autoimmune disease in a woman with POF should not dissuade the physician from evaluating for a potential genetic cause.
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Title:  Journal of pediatric and adolescent gynecology     Volume:  13     ISSN:  1873-4332     ISO Abbreviation:  J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol     Publication Date:  2000 May 
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Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh,., Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
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