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Dankaerts, Wim - - 2011
Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP) is still a common problem, difficult to treat and with high social costs. The lack of evidence of the specific treatments was ascribed to the heterogeneity of the population with CLBP, therefore it has been proposed a Classification System (CS) that was able to limit ...
Bellini, Chiara - - 2011
Objectives To bring out recommendations applied to diseases of interest in rehabilitation, through a literature review based on scientific evidence of Physical Therapy.
Scuma, Cristina - - 2011
Background The clinical training of the Physiotherapy degree course is at the heart of a professionalizing process, a synthesis of knowledge learned in class and professional acting. The purpose of this study is to improve the quality of training for students of the Physiotherapy Degree Course, University of Verona, in ...
Santandrea, Sheila - - 2011
Introduction. Musculoskeletal disorders can frequently have more than one etiology, mostly unknown. Nonspecific pain is consequently related to psychosocial factors, which also contribute to the development of symptoms into chronic pain. According to the biopsychosocial model, one of the possible rehabilitative choices is the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), whose effectiveness ...
Perin, Silvia - - 2011
Decenni di studi descrivono l'importanza dei movimenti della colonna vertebrale per la corretta fisiologia della deambulazione e le alterazioni, anche asintomatiche, cui quest'ultima puo andare incontro in presenza di dolore lombare cronico (CLBP). Scopo di questo studio e analizzare questo legame tra fisiologia vertebrale, cammino e dolore lombare: partendo dal ...
Albino, Antonio - - 2011
Background -- Attraverso questo studio di coorte retrospettivo, si e confrontato l'efficacia di un percorso riabilitativo di tipo misto, domiciliare/ambulatoriale, rispetto ad uno residenziale/ambulatoriale, nel trattamento di pazienti con frattura di femore. L'aspettativa era che il percorso non residenziale, anche se meno intensivo di quello in struttura, potesse risultare altrettanto ...
Straudi, Sofia - - 2011
Il recupero funzionale dell'arto superiore dopo un ictus cerebrale e una delle maggiori criticita in ambito riabilitativo. Nel corso degli ultimi anni, la riabilitazione si sta perfezionando grazie all'acquisizione di nuove conoscenze sulla neuroplasticita e sulle relazioni tra l'attivita cerebrale e l'apprendimento motorio. L'esercizio terapeutico, con le caratteristiche d'intensa ripetitivita, ...
Simioni, Anna - - 2010
This paper regards the information and the consent of the minor to medical treatment, particularly physiotherapeutic, who is considered as a more and more independent figure in the decisions that regard his/her health.
Cerruti, Michela - - 2010
To sound the opinion of the parents of children you cut from childish cerebral paralysis following the prescription of a motorized wheelchair in timely way, an interview is effected structured with open answers on line (formality not brought in literature in such field till now) to four couples of parents ...
Pelliccioni, Michele - - 2010
The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the effectiveness of a physiotherapy treatment on patients after abdominal surgery. In literature there are studies in which physiotherapy treatments are offeredfor the prevention of secondary complications, mainly due to immobility, aimed exclusively at high-risk elderly patients during recovery period. 61 patients ...
Gallino, Francesca - - 2010
Objectives: aim of the study is the analysis of practices of referral currently applied by the Rehabilitation Service of Mayer Hospital-Florence, Italy--from the inpatient department to the community service. Among the expected outcomes the authors highlight those practices that best can ensure consistency and continuity of care across all services ...
Perger, Daniel - - 2010
The aim of this paper is to analyze the relationship between some tools used in the clinical assessment of nine patients with stroke, who were observed twice with a three month gap between each observation. Assessment tools were selected that investigate the main aspects of these patients, and taken all ...
Vigano, Luca - - 2010
The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most important element of knee stability. Its injury is the consequence of a distortion trauma or a forced flexion or extension of the knee.
Vanti, Carla - - 2010
Objective--To evaluate the prevalence, determinants and risk factors for Low back pain (LBP) in club-level competitive adolescent gymnasts compared to the general adolescent population.
Fratocchi, Giancarlo - - 2010
Objective--To review the effectiveness of exercise therapy (ET) in patients with osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip.
Iura, Gemma - - 2010
Background--Chronic cough and sputum expectoration are key factors of COPD which have significant impact on the frequency and severity of acute exacerbations and quality of life. The role of bronchial clearance techniques in the management of COPD has yet to be defined.
Margonari, Silvia - - 2010
This article describes an example of differential diagnosis occurred in a public hospital to a patient suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis. At a first medical evaluation, the patient's signs and symptoms are ascribed to a bilateral tendinopathy of the Achilles tendon induced by Fluoroquinolone. After the first treatment (Tecar therapy, ...
Cappuccini, Manuela - - 2010
Introduction--The clinical practice training is one of the basic and indispensable moments during the training in health professions. Concretely the training constitutes all the activities that a student needs to appropriate himself of the "core competence".
Leo, Gregorio - - 2010
Objectives--Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is one of the most common pathologies of the peripheral nervous system. The aim of this study is to collect, through a narrative review of the literature, the scientific evidence on CTS, particularly regarding the accuracy of diagnostic tests and the validity of treatments employed in ...
Boschi, Marco - - 2010
Introduction: neck pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders and it implicates several economical and social consequences. The efficacy of the education strategies of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has not been clearly determined yet. This systematic review aimed at finding the evidence of the efficacy of this therapeutic ...
Lolli, Simona - - 2009
Objectives--Facing a wider use of neurodynamic testing in patient assessment, the physiotherapist should be aware of the reliability and diagnostic accuracy of these tests. The aim of this study is to highlight through a literature review, the diagnostic repeatability and accuracy of each neurodynamic test.
Ferrari, Silvano - - 2009
Osteoporosis is a medical problem which is increasing, due to the aging of the population. Osteoporotic fractures have important individual and social consequences, causing direct and indirect costs. Therefore it is important to identify factors that can prevent its onset.
Pillastrini, Paolo - - 2009
The Italian Academic system is changing in favour of a European model, in which all subjects will be common to all sanitary professions. At present, the sanitary professions include six specific subjects, but this will not probably be possible in the new context.
Rondoni, Angie - - 2009
Introduzione: Il Metodo Feldenkrais e utilizzato da piu di tre decenni nel trattamento della lombalgia senza che esista un parere univoco sulla sua efficacia. Obiettivo: Valutare l'efficacia del Metodo Feldenkrais nel trattamento preventivo e sintomatico di lombalgia, in pazienti adulti, rispetto al non trattamento o a un altro tipo di ...
Mattarelli, Claudia - - 2009
Solo recentemente sono state studiate le applicazioni cliniche della Whole Body Vibration (WBV: applicazione di uno stimolo vibratorio a tutto il corpo tramite pedane vibranti).
Capaldo, Gerardo - - 2009