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Bochniak, Agnieszka - - 2010
Sihare, Harish - - 2010
Aim of the study & Material--Methods
Christodoulou, Irene - - 2010
Aim of the study
Caenazzo, Luciana - - 2010
Nowadays, the frequency of children identified as being biologically fathered by someone other than the man who believes he is the father is such that, in the field of genetic counselling, it is likely to encounter cases of false paternity. The false paternity information, neither requested nor expected by the ...
Kantorovich, Vitaly - - 2010
Acute suppurative thyroiditis (AST) and thyroid abscess are rare. While in younger individuals infection usually spreads locally through the pyriform sinus, older adults are more susceptible to hematogenous seeding of the thyroid gland. Here, we describe a case of AST with thyrotoxicosis, where the clinical course deteriorated rapidly due to ...
Christodoulou, Irene - - 2010
Christodoulou, Irene - - 2009
Goffredo, Costanza - - 2009
Carotid chemodectomas or carotid body tumors are rare tumors, generally benign, slow-growing and generally asymptomatic, and represent the most common paraganglioma of the head and neck. Sometimes there is a compression syndrome or carotid sinus syndrome. Malignancy occurs in 6-12.5% of cases. The diagnosis of the carotid body tumor is ...
Hildebrandt, Steve - - 2009
The transduction of various cells from the nervous system in vivo or in vitro with adenoviral vectors (Ad-vectors) carrying the information for marker proteins like green fluorescent protein (GFP) is a very common method in neuroscience. By the use of membrane chromatography we describe here a rapid and easy to ...
Peal, Norma - - 2009
This literature review examines multidisciplinary programs that have been used in the past as well as strengths and weakness of various interdisciplinary team models. Focused on such teams as they relate to women's health, the literature review concludes with recommendations for the implementation of a successful holistic model of care. ...
Korzeniewski, Krzysztof - - 2009
Introduction--Aim of the study