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Conradie, Francesca - - 2012
Myer, Landon - - 2012
Patel, P. - - 2012
Elite and viraemic controllers represent unique subsets of HIV-infected patients who may also be long-term nonprogressors (LTNPs). LNTPs constitute an estimated 1-15% of the total HIV-positive population in the USA and Europe, but less is known about their epidemiology in sub-Saharan Africa. Though the exact mechanisms for long-term non-progression appear ...
Kibirige, D. - - 2012
Addison's disease or primary adrenal insufficiency is a well-recognised fatal endocrine condition among HIV-infected patients. HIV infection is associated with adrenal gland destruction and profound disruption of the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis. We describe a case of HIV-associated Addison's disease in a 58-year-old newly diagnosed HIV-seropositive male patient, highlighting its occurrence ...
Moosa, M.Y.H. - - 2012
Aim. To determine changes in adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) in HIV-positive patients with depression, following treatment with an antidepressant or psychotherapy.
Page-Shipp, L. - - 2012
Background. In 2004 the World Health Organization (WHO) released the Interim Policy on Collaborative TB/ HIV activities. According to the policy, for people living with HIV (PLWH), activities include intensified case finding, isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) and infection control. For TB patients, activities included HIV counselling and testing (HCT), prevention ...
Evans, Denise - - 2012
In South Africa, abacavir (ABC) is currently recommended as part of first- and second-line antiretroviral therapy (ART) for HIV-positive paediatric patients. Concerns about overprescribing of the drug, particularly to adults, led to an analysis of ABC use in public sector ART programmes. We investigated current prescription of the drug to ...
Meintjes, Graeme - - 2012
These guidelines are intended as an update to those published in the Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine in January 2008. Since the release of the previous guidelines, the scale-up of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Southern Africa has continued to grow. Cohort studies from the region show excellent clinical outcomes; ...
Boyles, Tom - - 2012
Bipath, P. - - 2012
Objectives. To compare the value of procalcitonin, C-reactive protein (CRP) and neopterin as indicators of immune deficiency, co-infection, efficacy of treatment, and disease progression, in patients with advanced HIV-1 infection.
Gounden, Shivona - - 2012
Objective. To determine whether the -308 TNF-[alpha] promoter polymorphism is associated with markers of HIV progression in the South African population.
Laher, Fatima - - 2012
Objective. There are few data from before the antiretroviral therapy (ART) era for cytomegalovirus retinitis (CMV-R) from settings where cost limits use of systemic treatment. This study examines CMV-R treatment and survival outcomes in a public hospital ophthalmology service in Ga-Rankuwa, South Africa.
Shaddock, E.J. - - 2012
Background. Pneumocystis pneumonia (PcP) is one of the most common opportunistic infections found in patients with HIV. The prognosis if ventilation is required is poor, with mortality of 36-80%. Although more recent studies have shown improved survival, our experience has been that close to 100% of such patients die, and ...
Mlawanda, Ganizani - - 2012
Background. Analytical variability in CD4 enumeration is well known, but few studies from southern Africa have quantified the inter-and intra-laboratory variability in CD4 count measurements. In addition, the possible impact of time lapse after sample collection on CD4 reliability is not well understood.
Osih, Regina - - 2012
Schowalter, Laurie - - 2012
Shortages of the nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTI) abacavir and tenofovir have been reported recently at health facilities across South Africa. The Society issued the following clinical advice to healthcare providers experiencing shortages on 29 March 2012. These recommendations are intended only as a guide to clinical therapy, based on ...
Conradie, Francesca - - 2012
Myer, Landon - - 2012
Scheibe, A. - - 2012
Background. The use of oral antiretrovirals to prevent HIV infection among HIV-negative men who have sex with men (MSM) has been shown to be safe and efficacious. A large, randomised, placebo-controlled trial showed a 44% reduction in the incidence of HIV infection among MSM receiving a daily oral fixed-dose combination ...
van den Berg, - - 2012
Despite numerous publications on the appropriate use of blood and blood products, few specifically consider the role of transfusion in the management of HIV. This review is a synthesis of conditions encountered in the management of HIV-infected patients where the transfusion of blood or blood products may be indicated. A ...
Kuhn, Louise - - 2012
The South African Department of Health is justified in withdrawing support for free infant formula. By so doing, it recognises that any intervention that might detract from breast feeding poses a serious threat to infant survival. Since evidence is now strong that antiretroviral drugs used during lactation prevent transmission of ...
Johnson, Leigh - - 2012
Background. South Africa's National Strategic Plan (NSP) for 2007--2011 aimed to achieve new antiretroviral treatment (ART) enrolment numbers equal to 80% of the number of newly eligible individuals in each year, by 2011.
- - 2012
Katusiime, Christine - - 2012
HIV-seropositive persons are at increased risk of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Genital ulcerative disease and sexually transmitted infection with subsequent MRSA infection in HIV-seropositive persons have been documented only once. We report a case of a 44-year-old man who presented to the Infectious Diseases Institute, Kampala, Uganda, with chronic genital ...
Pillay, Prinitha - - 2012
The WHO recommends starting lifelong ART for all pregnant women with a CD4 count at or below 350 cells/[mm.sup.3], which recognises the important component of 'when to start' and the role that timing of initiation plays in reducing mortality and disease progression. The data on 'what to start' are conflicting, ...
Kenyon, Chris - - 2012
The HIV prevalence in South Africa's various racial/ethnic groups differs by more than an order of magnitude. These differences are determined not by the lifetime number of sexual partners, but by how these partnerships are more likely to be arranged concurrently in African communities. The available evidence demonstrates that neither ...
Conradie, Francesca - - 2012
Myer, Landon - - 2012
Garone, Daniela - - 2011
Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV care in Khayelitsha, and in South Africa as a whole, has overcome numerous obstacles in the past three decades. This article highlights what has been achieved in Khayelitsha, describes the key clinical programme and policy changes that have supported universal coverage for HIV and TB care ...
Cullen, Claire - - 2011
Optic neuritis is not an uncommon diagnosis in HIV-infected patients, but it is rarely idiopathic. We report a case of a young HIV-infected woman who developed optic neuritis as her presenting manifestation of HIV infection. She had initially experienced sudden-onset right-sided painful visual loss; the left eye had become involved ...
Peltzer, K. - - 2011
Background. The prevalence of postpartum depression in South Africa is high, but there is lack of prevalence data on postnatal depression among HIV-infected women.
Dramowski, Angela - - 2011
Background and design. HIV is a major contributor to childhood morbidity and mortality in South Africa. We describe HIV prevalence, disease profile, outcome and missed opportunities for early intervention in a cohort of HIV-infected children admitted to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital's general paediatric wards between 1 October 2007 and 31 ...
Saloojee, H. - - 2011
The recent decision by the South African Department of Health to withdraw the provision of free replacement (formula) feeds to HIV-exposed infants has hardly evoked any response from clinicians, health professionals or civil society groups. This paper argues that the decision is short-sighted, lacks an adequate evidence base, and is ...
Innes, Steve - - 2011
Current recommendations advise that stavudine be phased out of use. The logistics and cost of switching are significant, and the World Health Organization has forecast that 1.55 million people will still be on stavudine-based antiretroviral therapy by the end of 2012. Stavudine is co-formulated in many countries, is very cheap ...
Venter, Francois - - 2011
Myer, Landon - - 2011
- - 2011
Rebe, K. - - 2011
Men who have sex with men (MSM) are at high risk of HIV acquisition and transmission, and country-specific HIV prevalence rates are always higher in MSM than among heterosexual men. South African data confirm this, with reported HIV prevalences of 10.4-33.9% across various studies. Donors and government health planners have ...
Barnardt, Pieter - - 2011
Primary extranodal lymphoma of the breast is rare and accounts for 0.04-0.53% of all malignant tumours, less than 1% of non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (NHLs) and 1.7% of extranodal NHLs. (1) Extranodal lymphoma arises from tissue other than lymph nodes and sites that normally contain no lymphoid tissue. This case describes the ...
Jonsson, G. - - 2011
Aim. The aim of the study was to determine knowledge, attitudes and personal beliefs regarding HIV and AIDS in a group of mentally ill patients attending outpatient clinics in Soweto, Johannesburg.
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