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Tezer, Hasan - - 2011
Hacimustafaoglu, Mustafa - - 2011
Celik, Melda - - 2011
Yildirim, Zuhal - - 2011
Acute hepatitis such as hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, parvovirus, Ebstein-Barr virus can occur with many viruses. Acute hepatitis due to hepatitis A virus in children is a common, usually self-limiting disease with recovery. Although other viral hepatitis forms occur, with extra hepatic autoimmune findings, acute hepatitis A virus ...
Arslan, Zafer - - 2011
Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease is usually a rare, self limiting, benign disease causing fever, neutropenia and cervical lymphadenopathy. It is especially seen in young Asian women, rarely in children. A case of Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease in a female Bangladeshian child with aseptic meningitis is presented from Turkey. She was admitted with fever but ...
Yildiz, Basak - - 2011
A case of Mondini's dysplasia who presented with purpura fulminans caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae is described in this case report. Invasive pneumococcal disease is usually related to immune deficiencies or anatomical defects of the upper respiratory tract, like Mondini's dysplasia in our case, which is a developmental anomaly of the ...
Ceyhan, Mehmet - - 2011
Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) is an important cause of serious infectious diseases, leading to death among children all over the world. The 7- valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV7), which was introduced in 2000 to prevent pneumococcal infections, was included in the Childhood National Immunization Program of Turkey in November 2008 and ...
Kara, Ates - - 2011
In children, one of the reasons of treatment failure is cessation of therapy before the planned time because of the taste, smell and appearance of the drug. Antibiotic therapy is one of the most difficult schedules that needs regular application. In this study, parents of children applying to our center ...
Celebi, Solmaz - - 2011
Objective: Brucellosis is still an important infectious disease, being widespread as endemic and sporadic cases in Turkey. The aim of this study was to evaluate clinical and laboratory findings, treatment modalities and final outcomes of brucellosis in children.
Kiremitci, Abdurrahman - - 2011
Objective: The isolation of extended-spectrum [beta]-lactamase (ESBL) -producing bacteria has increased worldwide. Fecal colonization with ESBL-producing isolates is considered a prerequisite for infection.
Unal, Betul - - 2011
Objective: Urinary tract infection is the second most common infection after upper respiratory infections among children. Diagnosis of UTI is confirmed with urine culture. However, since it takes a long time, awaiting the urine culture result causes delays in diagnosis, especially where rapid diagnosis is necessary.
Hacimustafaoglu, Mustafa - - 2011
Hacimustafaoglu, Mustafa - - 2011
Hacimustafaoglu, Mustafa - - 2010
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