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Kushner, Joseph - - 2006
Grant, Jill - - 2006
- - 2005
Distasio, Jino - - 2005
Siddhartha, Sen - - 2005
In recent times, leading North American planning educators as well as practitioners have recognized the need to incorporate and integrate issues of diversity into planning curricula. One of the biggest tasks facing North American planning educators is to develop learning environments that meet the challenges of a diverse and just ...
Robinson, Pamela - - 2005
Canadian municipalities have direct or indirect control or influence over approximately 52% of greenhouse gas emissions. As early as 1988, some Canadian municipalities embraced the challenge of climate change and through municipal programs recorded emissions reductions. Given the recent publication of the Government of Canada's climate change plan which clearly ...
Courcier, Sabine - - 2005
What do we mean by << projet urbain >> and what is new with this concept? Projet urbain refers to a European concept of planning which is understood in dissimilar ways by different authors, and it seems interesting to synthetise different points of view to create its definition, showing certain ...
Simard, Martin - - 2005
Mid-size cities are pertinent subjects of research both on the scientific level and as regards the development of public policy. Above and beyond their size, these human settlements seem to have a series of common characteristics which help give them their own personality. It appears that Canadian cities such as ...
Nilsen, Erik - - 2005
In recent years, there has been a movement towards more grassroots-modelled collaborative planning approaches in Northern Canada. These approaches have frequently been directed at heightening the relevance of social policy, particularly within the context of Northern and Aboriginal self-determination. This paper acknowledges the potential of fledgling governance directives aimed at ...
Benali, Kenza - - 2005
In advanced industrial nations, many inner city neighbourhoods, which had experienced a decline following the Second World War, have experienced a remarkable rebirth during the 70's and 80's. The gentrification and attractiveness of these neighbourhoods are often attributed to government revitalization policies (including heritage conservation, renovation, restoration and rehabilitation) developed ...
Whitzman, Carolyn - - 2005
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