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Botlhale, Emmanuel - - 2012
Sawadogo, Wilfried - - 2012
A major challenge to good governance, transnational trafficking in human beings has been a serious problem for years in West Africa. Attempts to understand the phenomenon have then been initiated, which unfortunately have resulted in contradictory viewpoints amongst researchers and the impacted populations. Indeed, seen by some as a mere ...
Walther, Olivier - - 2012
This article discusses the historical evolution of Dendi, a border region now located across Niger, Benin, and Nigeria. Drawing on colonial literature and mythological accounts collected in the city of Gaya, the article shows that the two subgroups at the origin of the historical identity of Dendi were affected very ...
Antwi-Boateng, Osman - - 2012
As a result of a "hurting stalemate" and the failure to capture power through coercion, moderate elements within the US-based Liberian diaspora resorted to soft power in order to have a greater impact on homeland affairs. The effectiveness of the diaspora is aided by the attractiveness of diaspora success and ...
Wilburn, Kenneth - - 2012
Kwame Nkrumah was one of the most fascinating, revolutionary Africans in world history. From humble origins, US-educated Nkrumah led the effort to overthrow colonial rule in Ghana and Africa, sought vast sums of economic aid from the West for Ghana's Volta River Project, and as the leading Pan-Africanist and vocal ...
Oteng-Ababio, Martin - - 2012
This paper describes how due to lack of formal job opportunities, e-waste scavenging has emerged as a major livelihood (survival) strategy for a rapidly growing urban population. It documents how the process has been fueled by neo-liberal economic policies adopted since 1983 that not only failed to create a "vibrant ...
Carmody, Padraig - - 2011
Koster, Mickie - - 2011
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