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Pearson, Debbie - - 2010
Grime, Hilary - - 2010
Webster, Helen - - 2010
Reagon, Carly - - 2010
Evidence-based practice is the buzzword of policy makers, managers and practitioners alike and yet there is confusion as to what it actually means and how it should be implemented in practice. One difficulty arises from the inherent tension between theories derived from research (particularly large-scale clinical trials) and practice based ...
Ratzon, Navah - - 2010
Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) may cause sensory and motor changes and may affect the general function and hand function of diabetic patients.
Cipriani, Joseph - - 2010
Purpose: A phenomenological investigation was conducted of the experiences of long-term care residents as they planned, participated and reflected on their engagement in an altruistic activity.
Perruzza, Nadia - - 2010
The purpose of this study was to conduct a matrix method literature review of published research on the use of creative arts occupations in therapeutic practice. Peer-reviewed original research articles, published between the years 2000 and 2008, were included in the review. The research articles studied creative arts occupations as ...
Davies, Rachel - - 2010
This study investigated self-identified competencies, limitations and priorities for change in the occupational lives of people with drug misuse problems. Thirty people undergoing inpatient drug detoxification completed the Occupational Self Assessment (OSA) version 2.2. Six of these participated in semi-structured interviews focusing on their priorities for change, identified using the ...
Littlechild, Rosemary - - 2010
The United Kingdom Government has signalled its desire to change the emphasis of the support provided by social care services to older people from simply assisting people to remain living in the community to increasing their ability to function independently. Local authorities charged with implementing this agenda have responded with ...
Tickle, Ellen - - 2010
This opinion piece aims to clarify the concepts of the theory-practice and practice-theory gaps, and to begin to explore the impact of these gaps on efficacious occupational therapy practice. Any perceived gaps between theoretical knowledge and practice skills may have a detrimental effect on the student experience and, ultimately, upon ...
Moores, Alis - - 2010
An occupational therapy card sort was developed as part of an enquiry-based learning initiative to enable students to evaluate their skill development. The online card sort comprises modified playing cards that students deal to assess their skill development. The card items reflect standards of proficiency for occupational therapists.
O'Connell, Jane - - 2010
The Mental Health Commission (2006a) and the Department of Health and Children (2006) have identified a gap in the knowledge relating to the interventions carried out by mental health workers in community mental health teams (CMHTs) in Ireland. The purpose of this research was to address this gap by exploring ...
Abernethy, Helga - - 2010
The aim of this literature review was to explore the nature of the relationship between sensory defensiveness and mental health problems. The bibliographical database Dialog DataStar and various online resources were searched. Six papers were selected, based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria. They were analysed by identifying and discussing ...
Kolehmainen, Niina - - 2010
Lyons, Carissa - - 2010
Evidence-based practice and research utilisation are promoted to enable clients to receive the most current care; however, there is limited research evaluating the use of these approaches within the occupational therapy profession. This study aimed to investigate the knowledge, attitudes, practices and barriers to evidence-based practice and research utilisation of ...
Kolehmainen, Niina - - 2010
This study aimed to explore parents' views of the management of their children's occupational therapy in the United Kingdom (UK). Forty-one parents of children recently seen by occupational therapists were approached. Seven mothers from four different health boards who agreed to participate were interviewed about their experiences and views of ...
Drummond, Avril - - 2010
Williams, Hilary - - 2010
De Souza, Lorraine - - 2010
Hackett, Janine - - 2010
Morley, Mary - - 2010
Professional doctorates in occupational therapy and physiotherapy in the United Kingdom offer a practice-based qualification equivalent in status to a PhD. Their aim is to develop professional practice and contribute to professional knowledge. Two doctorate journeys illustrate how applied research added both to each profession's knowledge base and to practice. ...
Meek, Charmaine - - 2010
PDOT (Parkinson's Disease Occupational Therapy) was a pilot randomised controlled trial investigating occupational therapy for people with Parkinson's disease (PD) exhibiting difficulties with activities of daily living (ADL). This article describes the process undertaken to design and record the intervention.
Jensen, Jan - - 2010
Robertson, Linda - - 2010
This paper examines the views of staff about the environments of two residential homes: one representative of a homely environment and the other more reminiscent of a hotel. A qualitative study using in-depth semi-structured interviews was conducted with a purposive sample of 21 staff. Emerging themes in the data from ...
Schoessow, Kimberly - - 2010
Older adults with low vision present unique challenges to occupational therapists because they are generally independent in self-care but limited in leisure, productivity and instrumental activities of daily living. This paper presents a review of the needs of older adults with low vision and proposes a model for occupational therapists.
White, Eleanor - - 2010
Purpose: The study aimed to elicit a description of GPS (global positioning system) tracking use in the care of people with dementia in domestic settings and to generate hypotheses about impact.
Bursell, Jennifer - - 2010
There is an increasing awareness that people with dementia should have their spiritual needs addressed. The aim of this study was to investigate health professionals' understanding of spirituality within dementia care and their perceptions of how patients' spiritual needs are met and by whom. A phenomenological approach was used, with ...
Gregory, Ann - - 2010
Parry, Janice - - 2010
Millar, Katherine - - 2010
Le Boutillier, - - 2010
Social inclusion is a leading concept in mental health practice. Multiple definitions exist and it is often assumed that full participation is required to achieve full inclusion. Challenging this assumption is the notion of 'middle-ground', a personally defined position where an individual feels socially included regardless of his or her ...
Kelly, Mary - - 2010
Background: The philosophy of occupational therapy and that of recovery are markedly similar; however, there is limited research linking occupation to recovery in mental health. Aim: This study aimed to explore the relationship between recovery and occupation in consumers with mental health problems.
Hutcheson, Catriona - - 2010
Studies have indicated widespread inactivity in psychiatric wards, although the occupational therapy and mental health journals support the therapeutic benefits of participation in activity. A service evaluation was conducted to explore activity provision and identify gaps in service within a 13-ward psychiatric hospital. The results of the initial exploration were ...
Elliott, Chris - - 2010
Chronic liver disease (CLD) is on the increase worldwide. Occupational therapists are well placed to address many of the symptoms associated with CLD; however, there is a dearth of literature to support this or to define the current working practice of occupational therapists in this clinical area.
Cahill, Mairead - - 2010
Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects people's physical capabilities and the lives of people with MS are constantly changing (Finlayson et al 2005), yet how people adapt to the disease from an occupational perspective has received little attention. This study explored the occupational adaptation of women with MS.
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