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Stewart, Jenny - - 2009
Laslett, Mark - - 2009
Jones, Diana - - 2009
Although not new, the concept of patient, carer and public involvement has been increasingly embedded in health and social care policy, and in recent decades strengthened through statutory requirements. Physiotherapists need to respond to the evolving involvement culture by finding appropriate ways to translate policy into practice in clinical settings, ...
Reiman, Michael - - 2009
Objective: The objective of this paper is twofold (1) determine the quality of current available studies regarding the use of manual therapy intervention for the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis LSS and (2) determine the effectiveness of manual therapy for the treatment of LSS.
Mandrusiak, Allison - - 2009
Physiotherapists working with young people with cystic fibrosis need a variety of simply administered portable tests of functional capacity suitable for the hospital bedside, clinic, home and community settings. There is no information relating to the reliability of tests such as the six-minute walk test and jump tests in young ...
Askew, Lesley - - 2008
Foster, Megan - - 2008
There is a growing consensus that psychological states such as somatisation, distress, and depression are risk factors in recurrent and chronic low back pain (RCLBP). Some authors have found an association between psychological state and pain drawings; however the ability of pain drawings to predict future psychological state has not ...
Hing, Wayne - - 2008
Introduction: Mulligan's manual therapy technique at peripheral joints, namely mobilisation with movement (MWM), has been well documented in research for over a decade. The specific parameters of MWM prescription are relatively variable and generally ill defined. The purpose of this review was to critically evaluate the literature regarding MWM prescription ...
Anderson, Lynley - - 2008
Recent writing on physiotherapy research has raised awareness of the need for ethical review of research, and of basic ethical norms such as consent and confidentiality. This paper aims to raise awareness further by considering the underlying values within research ethics, and focusing on the realities of the research context ...
Godbold, Rosemary - - 2008
This paper considers the new disciplinary process for physiotherapists, which has resulted from the enactment of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003. The new Act applies to nineteen health professional groups and is primarily concerned with protecting the public by putting systems and processes in place 'to ensure that ...
Butler, Sarah - - 2008
Studies have investigated airway clearance techniques in cystic fibrosis (CF) but few exist for non-CF bronchiectasis particularly in children. The aim of this study is to compare airway clearance practices in New Zealand children with CF and non-CF bronchiectasis. The study was conducted in the context of a clinical quality ...
Binns, Elizabeth - - 2008
Nicholls, David - - 2008
Clark, Heather - - 2008
Ashton, Hamish - - 2008
Miller, Jack - - 2008
Kidd, Martin - - 2008
Abbott, J. - - 2008
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