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Hilton, Claudia - - 2012
We reviewed 22 articles on children and youth published in 2011 in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy and organized the articles by level of research and research type according to a framework adapted from the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF; World Health Organization, 2007). The largest ...
Hinojosa, Jim - - 2012
Daily challenges for occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants are changing work environments and the desire to address the needs of their clients. This article highlights the need for occupational therapy practitioners to create personal strategic plans to prepare for their rapidly changing futures. Although AOTA's Centennial Vision responds to ...
Baker, Nancy - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. We identified the extent of the need for interventions and assistive technology to prevent computer use problems in people with systemic sclerosis (SSc) and the accommodation strategies they use to alleviate such problems.
Schepens, Stacey - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. We examined the effects of a tailored activity-pacing intervention on self-perceived joint stiffness in adults with osteoarthritis (OA).
Sondergaard, Mette - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. To determine whether the Evaluation of Social Interaction (ESI) is sensitive enough to differentiate between people without identified diagnoses and those with neurologic or psychiatric disorders in terms of their observed quality of social interaction.
Silva, Louisa - - 2012
In this article, we present a small randomized controlled study evaluating the effect of a dual parent- and trainer-delivered qigong massage methodology on motor skills and sensory responses in 28 children under age 4 with developmental delay and motor tone abnormalities. Fourteen children had high motor tone as a result ...
Craig, Daniel - - 2012
PURPOSE. Recently, home health services have been a topic of increasing interest. Occupational therapy practice and utilization patterns in home care have not been the subject of recent research.
Flinn, Sharon - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. We investigated the psychometric properties of the Flinn Performance Screening Tool (FPST) for people referred with symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).
Nilsen, Dawn - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. This preliminary study sought to determine whether the imagery perspective used during mental practice (MP) differentially influenced performance outcomes after stroke.
Katz, Noomi - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. We studied the internal consistency reliability and construct validity of the new Dynamic Lowenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment-Geriatric Version (DLOTCA-G), a dynamic version of the Lowenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment-Geriatric Version (LOTCA-G), and examined the properties of the mediation system.
Stav, Wendy - - 2012
We conducted this systematic review, one of four related to productive aging, to explore the existing evidence for the health benefits of engagement in occupations and activities among older adults. The review incorporates the breadth of areas of occupation in which older adults engage and the range of health benefits ...
Orellano, Elsa - - 2012
This systematic review examines the effectiveness of occupation- and activity-based interventions on community-dwelling older adults' performance of instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). It was conducted as part of the American Occupational Therapy Association's Evidence-Based Practice Project. Forty studies met the inclusion criteria and were critically appraised and synthesized. Within ...
Chase, Carla - - 2012
This systematic review explored the impact of fall prevention programs and home modifications on falls and the performance of community-dwelling older adults. It was conducted as part of the American Occupational Therapy Association's Evidence-Based Practice Project. Thirty-three articles were analyzed and synthesized. The strongest results were found for multifactorial programs ...
Arbesman, Marian - - 2012
We describe the results of a systematic review of the literature on occupation- and activity-based health management and maintenance interventions for productive aging. We found moderate to strong evidence that client-centered occupational therapy improved physical functioning and occupational performance related to health management in community-dwelling older adults, as well as ...
Arbesman, Marian - - 2012
Systematic reviews of the literature relevant to community-dwelling older adults are important to the practice of occupational therapy. We describe the four questions that served as the focus for the systematic reviews of the effectiveness of occupational therapy interventions for older adults living in the community. This article includes the ...
Gutman, Sharon - - 2012
In this article, I examine the state of mental health research In the American Journal of Occupational Therapy from 2008 to 2011. Although other practice areas have seen an increase in the number and rigor of intervention effectiveness studies, mental health occupational therapy research has been insufficient to support the ...
Eakman, Aaron - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. This study evaluated the measurement characteristics of the Engagement in Meaningful Activities Survey (EMAS) in an age-diverse sample.
Glasgow, Celeste - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. Capener splinting is a common treatment for extension deficit of the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint. This study compared the effect of daily splint total end range time (TERT) of 6-12 hr versus 12-16 hr.
Classen, Sherrilene - - 2012
We investigated the psychometric properties of the 68-item Safe Driving Behavior Measure (SDBM) with 80 older drivers, 80 caregivers, and 2 evaluators from two sites. Using Rasch analysis, we examined unidimensionality and local dependence; rating scale; item- and person-level psychometrics; and item hierarchy of older drivers, caregivers, and driving evaluators ...
Hersch, Gayle - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. We investigated the effectiveness of an occupation-based cultural heritage Intervention to facilitate adaptation to relocation into long-term care (LTC) facilities as measured by quality of life, activity engagement, and social participation.
Cimarolli, Verena - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. To examine whether vision impairment is a predictor of intensity of occupational therapy utilization and outcomes in a sample of older adults ages [greater than or equal to]55 receiving subacute rehabilitation in a long-term care setting.
Katz, Noomi - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. We studied the psychometric properties of the dynamic version of the Lowenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment (DLOTCA) and examined the most frequent level of mediation used for planning for intervention.
Yang, Chieh-Ling - - 2012
We compared a unilateral robot-assisted training protocol (URTP) and a bilateral robot-assisted training protocol (BRTP) to study their differential effects. We recruited 21 patients with stroke who received 90-105 min of therapy 5 days/wk for 4 wk. Participants in the URTP and BRTP groups practiced forearm pronation and supination and ...
Finlayson, Marcia - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. We determined whether age, gender, work status, or impairment moderated fatigue management program outcomes for people with multiple sclerosis (MS).
Silva, Louisa - - 2012
Sensory and self-regulatory symptoms make up most of the comorbid symptoms In autism and are associated with increased autism severity. We validated a parent--caregiver measure of comorbid symptoms in autism, the Sense and Self-Regulation Checklist (SSC), in 265 children <6 yr with typical development (n = 138), autism (n = ...
Painter, Jane - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. This study examined (1) the relationship of fear of falling to depression, anxiety, activity level, and activity restriction and (2) whether depression or anxiety predicted fear of falling, activity level, activity restriction, or changes in activity level.
Elliott, Sharon - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. This pilot study examined the feasibility of (1) conducting interdisciplinary fall risk screens at a community-wide adult fall prevention event and (2) collecting preliminary follow-up data from people screened at the event about balance confidence and home and activity modifications made after receiving educational information at the event.
Leland, Natalie - - 2012
Falls are a serious public health concern among older adults In the United States. Although many fall prevention recommendations exist, such as those published by the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) and the British Geriatrics Society (BGS) in 2010, the specific role of occupational therapy in these efforts is unclear. This ...
Schepens, Stacey - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. Fear of falling can lead to restricted activity, but little Is known about how this fear affects different aspects of people's lives. This study examined the relationship between fall-related efficacy (i.e., confidence or belief in one's ability to perform activities without losing balance or falling) and activity and participation.
Stav, Wendy - - 2012
This qualitative research study examined the experiences of practitioners who developed and implemented driving rehabilitation programs within the past 5 yr. Researchers interviewed 4 occupational therapists with 10-19 yr of experience, who identified the following facilitators of and barriers to driving program implementation: funding and equipment, institutional support, interdisciplinary conflict, ...
Bourke-Taylor, Helen - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. The Health Promoting Activities Scale (HPAS) measures the frequency with which mothers participate in self-selected leisure activities that promote health and well-being. We undertook an initial evaluation of the scale with mothers of school-age children with developmental disabilities (N = 152).
Engstrand, Christina - - 2012
We investigated interrater reliability of range of motion (ROM) measurement in the finger joints of people with Dupuytren's disease. Eight raters measured flexion and extension of the three finger joints in one affected finger of each of 13 people with different levels of severity of Dupuytren's disease, giving 104 measures ...
Chaffey, Lisa - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. Clinical reasoning studies have acknowledged tacit aspects of practice, and recent research suggests that clinical reasoning contains intuition informed by tacit knowledge. Intuition also appears to be influenced by awareness and understanding of emotions. This study investigated the relationship between intuition and emotional intelligence among occupational therapists in mental ...
Bagby, Molly - - 2012
We used a grounded theory approach to data analysis to discover what effect, if any, children's sensory experiences have on family occupations. We chose this approach because the existing literature does not provide a theory to account for the effect of children's sensory experiences on family occupations. Parents of six ...
Classen, Sherrilene - - 2012
We used the Safe Driving Behavior Measure (SDBM) to determine rater reliability and rater effects (erratic responses, severity, leniency) in three rater groups: 80 older drivers (mean age = 73.26, standard deviation = 5.30), 80 family members or caregivers (age range = 20-85 yr), and two driving evaluators. Rater agreement ...
Stoller, Carolyn - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. We examined the effects of sensory-enhanced hatha yoga on symptoms of combat stress in deployed military personnel, compared their anxiety and sensory processing with that of stateside civilians, and identified any correlations between the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory scales and the Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile quadrants.
Sledziewski, Lori - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. We examined the use of robotics to treat upper-extremity (UE) dysfunction in tetraplegic patients with spinal cord injury (SCI).
Tucker, Frances - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. The goal for this study was to determine methods to modify outcome measures for people with aphasia and to provide beginning support for the efficacy of these suggested modifications.
Prager, Eliza - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. We determined (1) whether active range of motion (AROM) of shoulder flexion and wrist extension measured at the initial therapy evaluation in the acute hospital predicted upper-extremity (UE) motor function 3 mo after stroke and (2) whether the presence of nonmotor impairments influenced this prediction.
Wells, Anne - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. This study evaluated the effectiveness of neurocognitive habilitation, a group therapy intervention for foster and adoptive caregivers and their children who were prenatally exposed to alcohol.
Case-Smith, Jane - - 2012
OBJECTIVE. Pediatric constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) is a promising intervention for children with unilateral cerebral palsy (CP). This multisite randomized controlled trial (RCT) tested the hypothesis that 6 hr versus 3 hr per day for 21 days would produce larger maintenance of gains 6 mo posttreatment.
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