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Haak, Maria - - 2008
This study aimed to capture and operationalize the concept of participation among people who are very old (age > 80) and to investigate whether and how aspects of housing and neighborhood environments relate to participation in very old age. Two dimensions of participation--performance-oriented participation and togetherness-oriented participation--emerged from an earlier ...
Green, Rosemary - - 2008
Hinojosa, Jim - - 2007
We live in a time of hyperchange--rapid, dramatic, complex, and unpredictable change occurring in today's society, which creates unprecedented challenges. High-speed advances in technology and knowledge and changes in society require that we shift our paradigms. We must become innovators of change. This lecture examines how occupational therapy is reacting ...
Baum, M. - - 2007
- - 2007
Stallings-Sahler, Susan - - 2007
O'Sullivan, Ann - - 2007
Corcoran, Mary - - 2007
Roberts, Jane - - 2007
OBJECTIVE. The study examined behavioral treatment effects of classical sensory integration therapy.
Liu, K.W. - - 2007
OBJECTIVE. This qualitative study explored participants' experiences of a supported-employment program. Understanding participants' opinions of a supported-employment program may provide insights into what processes and outcomes are meaningful and important for participants and may enable an evaluation of such processes and outcomes for their congruence with occupational therapy practice.
Eklund, Mona - - 2007
Perceived control is of significance in occupational therapy, as revealed in empirical research and suggested in practice models. This study investigated the relationship between perceived control and occupational performance in persons with long-term mental illness. The 177 participants were assessed regarding perceived control (locus of control and self-mastery) and occupational ...
Hoppes, Steve - - 2007
Community-based practice has always been a central domain of occupational therapy, and evidence supporting its increasing importance is growing. Preparing occupational therapy students for community practice has received considerable attention in professional literature, but students' voices have seldom been heard concerning this issue. This study sought to investigate attitudes, intentions, ...
Lederer, Jeffrey - - 2007
The ability to think critically is an important outcome of education. The disposition, or internal motivation, to think critically strongly influences the development of critical thought. Students (N = 79) at three levels of education in one program were administered the California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory (CCTDI). Results indicated no ...
Butts, Denea - - 2007
The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) developed the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process (the Framework) to categorize and organize concepts in the field of occupational therapy in a manner that would be understandable to practitioners within the field as well as to external readers. The current study investigates ...
Ekstam, Lisa - - 2007
OBJECTIVES. This study examined the relationship between awareness of disability and occupational performance in a group of elderly persons during the year after stroke.
Unsworth, Carolyn - - 2007
OBJECTIVE. This study sought to identify the informational cues that driver-assessor-trained occupational therapists (DATOTs) consider when making driver licensing recommendations for older and functionally impaired clients. Relatively little research supports these complex decisions.
Honaker, DeLana - - 2007
Ben-Sasson, Ayelet - - 2007
This study examined the incidence of extreme sensory modulation behaviors in toddlers with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and investigated the consistency of sensory information across measures. Parent report of sensory behaviors in 101 toddlers with ASD was compared with 100 toddlers who were typically developing matched on chronological age and ...
Watling, Renee - - 2007
OBJECTIVE. This study examined the effects of Ayres's sensory integration intervention on the behavior and task engagement of young children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Clinical observations and caregiver reports of behavior and engagement also were explored to help guide future investigations.
Dickerson, Anne - - 2007
This study describes a single-subject design (ABA with follow-up evaluation) that demonstrated the possible effective use of constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) in producing gains in movement and function for a 24-month-old child with chronic hemiparesis. The noninvolved upper extremity was placed in a removable splint for 21 consecutive days. The ...
Daunhauer, Lisa - - 2007
OBJECTIVE. We investigated whether children institutionalized in an orphanage would engage in more developmentally competent play with their caregivers as opposed to playing alone and whether specific qualities of caregiver-child interactions were associated with more developmentally competent play.
Engel-Yeger, Batya - - 2007
OBJECTIVE. This study compared the participation in activities outside of formal school among Jewish and Druze Israeli children. It also examined the impact of gender and the interaction of culture and gender on participation.
Dolva, Anne-Stine - - 2007
OBJECTIVES. This study investigated the relation between functional performance skills of children with Down syndrome and the age of entry into mainstream elementary education.
Kimball, Judith - - 2007
OBJECTIVE. This study investigated changes in salivary cortisol, the stress hormone, after administration of a procedure based on the Wilbarger protocol to children diagnosed with sensory defensiveness (SD), a type of sensory modulation dysfunction.
Ratzon, Navah - - 2007
OBJECTIVE. Children with fine-motor problems and handwriting difficulties often are referred for occupational therapy. The objective of this study was to test the efficacy of a short-term treatment on the fine-motor and graphomotor skills of first-grade students.
Naider-Steinhart, Shoshana - - 2007
OBJECTIVE. In this study we sought to describe upper-extremity proximal and distal muscle activity in typically developing children during a handwriting task and to explore the relationship between muscle activity and speed and quality of writing.
Gibbons, Bridget - - 2007
OBJECTIVE. A treatment package combining oral--motor and behavioral interventions was implemented for a 6-year-old girl with Down syndrome referred to an intensive day treatment feeding program for gastrostomy tube dependence and food refusal. The participant exhibited a tongue thrust, resulting in the expulsion of all foods presented.
Howe, Tsu-Hsin - - 2007
OBJECTIVE. This study compared bottle-feeding behaviors in preterm infants with and without bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) during the initial hospitalization.
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