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Ehrlich, Rodney - - 2012
Cases of occupational disease, solvent encephalopathy and occupational asthma are used to exemplify failings of the workers' compensation system in South Africa, that include delays in processing claims, non-response to requests for information, and inadequate assessment of disability. These and other systemic deficiencies in administration of the Compensation for Occupational ...
- - 2012
Tiemensma, Marianne - - 2012
Background. According to the regulations of the National Health Act, all 'sudden and unexpected' deaths in South Africa should be referred to Forensic Pathology Services (FPS) for further investigation.
Wessels, P.F. - - 2012
Background. Patients in acute hospital care show a high risk for venous thromboembolism (VTE); 52% of patients globally are at risk, with approximately only half receiving appropriate prophylaxis.
Grimwood, Ashraf - - 2012
Improving national prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) services in South Africa has been challenging. PMTCT outcomes were analysed at 58 primary- and secondary-level antenatal facilities across seven high HIV burden sub-districts in three provinces, over an 18-month period during which new South African PMTCT clinical guidelines were implemented and a ...
Mohapi, Morongwa - - 2012
Under the National Health Insurance, a hospital is expected to provide service to patients based on its category. However, in reality the tertiary hospitals offer every level of care, resulting in poor quality of care and over-expenditure. The Polokwane/Mankweng Hospital Complex is a provincial tertiary hospital that delivers tertiary care ...
Bateman, Chris - - 2012
Lewallen, Susan - - 2012
Kelava, Tomislav - - 2012
Louw, V.J. - - 2011
Introduction. Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) encompass a heterogeneous group of clonal haematopoietic disorders characterised by chronic and progressive cytopenias resulting from ineffective haematopoiesis. Treatment is complicated by differences in disease mechanisms in different subgroups, variable clinical phenotypes and risk of progression to acute myeloid leukaemia.
Wenzel-Smith, G. - - 2011
Objectives. To study the efficacy and safety of procedural sedation and analgesia (PSA) administered by medical officers (MOs) without formal anaesthetic training.
Crede, Andreas - - 2011
Our study suggests that routine laboratory screening provides no additional information to that obtained from a thorough history and clinical examination in patients at high risk of having an underlying medical cause of presenting psychotic symptoms.
Loveday, Marian - - 2011
Setting. Despite the prioritisation of TB, HIV and STI programmes in South Africa, service targets are not achieved, have had little effect, and the magnitude of the epidemics continues to escalate.
Abrams, Amber - - 2011
Little is known about how adolescents experience clinical trials. We assessed the experiences of South African adolescent participants in a clinical trial, employing semi-structured interviews to gather qualitative data on the experiences and effects of trial participation. Despite misunderstanding certain concepts regarding assent and trial processes subsequent to enrolment, participants ...
Madhi, Shabir - - 2011
Objective. To assess the immunogenicity and safety of a pentavalent diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, inactivated poliovirus, Hib polysaccharide-conjugate vaccine booster.
Boulter, Jeremy - - 2011
Objectives. To evaluate common factors associated with the development of acute renal failure (ARF) in Comrades Marathon runners.
Lowman, W. - - 2011
The New Delhi Metallo-[beta]-lactamase (NDM) resistance mechanism in Enterobacteriaceae threatens to render serious Gram-negative infections untreatable. The NDM-1 enzyme hydrolyses all available penicillin, cephalosporin and carbapenem antibiotics, and is commonly accompanied by additional resistance mechanisms to multiple antibiotic classes. Initially identified as a significant healthcare risk on the Indian sub-continent, ...
Commerford, Pat - - 2011
Seedat, I.M. - - 2011
Sommer, Paula - - 2011
Stem cells are seen as the 'magic bullet'; while this may be true, their efficacy and safety in patients has not yet been established unequivocally. This article summarises the different types of stem cells and gives an overview of their advantages and disadvantages, their use, and potential uses in the ...
van Niekerk, J.P. de - - 2011
Louw, V.J. - - 2011
Introduction. Chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) is a chronic myeloproliferative disorder characterised by a chromosomal translocation between the long arms of chromosomes 9 and 12 resulting in the formation of the BCR-ABL fusion gene. The management of CML has undergone major changes over the past decade. Novel treatment approaches have had ...
Mendes, J.F. - - 2011
Intentional and unintentional injuries were reported to be the second leading cause of Disability Adjusted Life Years in South Africa in 2000. We present household experiences of such injuries in 5 impoverished housing settlements in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province. Data for this study were extracted from the database of the Health, ...
du Plessis, - - 2011
Background. South Africa's HIV mortality is primarily due to pulmonary disease. No evidence exists regarding a correlation between specific chest radiographic patterns and CD4 levels of immunity in HIV-infected children.
Donald, Kirsten - - 2011
Background. Aspirin should not be used in children except for specific therapeutic reasons. We report on a severely ill infant who had ingested aspirin contained in a traditional medicine and review 21 other patients with pre-admission non-therapeutic salicylate exposure.
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