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Myers, J. - - 2011
Projections show that the effects of climate change in Africa will not be uniform over the region. The region is extremely vulnerable to climate change because of poverty, a high pre-existing disease burden, fragmented health services and water and food insecurity. Despite the consensus that locally relevant information is necessary ...
Myers, J. - - 2011
Anthropogenic climate change and anticipated adverse effects on human health as outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are taken as givens. A conceptual model for thinking about the spectrum of climate-related health risks ranging from distal and infrastructural to proximal and behavioural and their relation to the ...
Dhai, Ames - - 2011
Complaints of sexual impropriety against health care practitioners are escalating. Professionalism in the practitioner-patient relationship and the role-based trust in health care do not allow crossing of sexual boundaries. Communication with patients is key to prevent erroneous allegations of sexual misconduct. The intimate examination is difficult to define. A chaperone ...
Johnstone-Robertson, Simon - - 2011
Background. Prisons are recognised internationally as institutions with very high tuberculosis (TB) burdens where transmission is predominantly determined by contact between infectious and susceptible prisoners. A recent South African court case described the conditions under which prisoners awaiting trial were kept. With the use of these data, a mathematical model ...
Dent, David - - 2011
Zaaijman, J. du - - 2011
Naidoo, R. - - 2011
A case of a child with chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) presenting with recurrent mycobacterial infections and invasive Aspergillus fumigatus disease is described. Genetic analysis confirmed X-linked CGD with a novel mutation in exon 10 of the CYBB gene--the first South African report of genetically confirmed CGD.
Gordon, E.D. - - 2011
Background. Resuscitation of patients occurs daily in emergency departments. Traditional practice entails family members remaining outside the resuscitation room.
de Vries, - - 2011
Introduction. Public health care delivery in South Africa aims to provide equitable access at the most appropriate level of care. We studied to what extent the acute health care needs of adults admitted to public hospitals in the Cape Town Metropole were being appropriately met.
Jina, Ruxana - - 2011
Objective. Sexual assault evidence collection kits (SAECKs) are used to collect evidence for DNA recovery after rape. The aim of this study was to assess the extent of completion of the kits by health care workers in 6 provinces of South Africa.
Petersen, Inge - - 2011
Objectives. To identify progress and challenges in mental healthcare in South Africa, as well as future mental health services research priorities.
Tooke, Lloyd - - 2011
Objectives. To determine the need for resuscitation at the birth of babies delivered by elective caesarean section (CS) and to record the time spent by doctors attending such deliveries.
Ellemdin, S. - - 2011
Objectives. We aimed to ascertain the efficacy of an intervention in which laboratory test costs were provided to clinicians as a pocket-sized brochure, in reducing laboratory test costs over a 4-month period.
Moodley, J. - - 2011
Pregnancy, with or without additional complications, constitutes a high-risk condition for complications of influenza infection and warrants early intervention with neuraminidase inhibitors such as oseltamivir, if influenza is suspected. Treatment should not be delayed for laboratory confirmation. In South Africa, the high burden of HIV infection is a further complication.
Becker, Juanita - - 2011
Objectives. The aim of this study was to determine the success rate of myringoplasty surgery performed at Groote Schuur Hospital and to evaluate some of the presumed prognostic factors.
Moodley, T. - - 2011
We report on 13 patients diagnosed with meningococcal infections in patients attending state-owned hospitals serving an indigent population in Pretoria in 2009. The case fatality rate was 27%. Ceftriaxone was the main antibiotic (9 out of 13 patients) for therapy. Five isolates (39%) were serogroup B and 4 (31%) serogroup ...
Naidoo, S. - - 2011
Background. Increasing resistance to some antimicrobial agents among anaerobic bacteria has made susceptibility patterns less predictable.
Cox, S.G. - - 2011
Burns are a leading cause of non-natural death in South African infants and children. Conventional care of partial-thickness burns often requires painful, time consuming and costly twice-daily dressing changes to clean the wound and apply antimicrobial topical agents. A new topical nanocrystalline silver-coated (NS) dressing (Acticoat; Smith & Nephew) has ...
Katwan, Elizabeth - - 2011
Current maternal alcohol consumption, especially binge drinking, is strongly associated with childhood behavioural and/or developmental disorders (BDDs) in a population attending tertiary hospital ambulatory services. BDDs were also associated with maternal alcohol use 6 months before pregnancy. An association with BDDs could not be conclusively demonstrated for drinking during pregnancy, ...
Reid, Steve - - 2011
Folb, Peter - - 2011
Panieri, Eugenio - - 2011
Ellis, C. - - 2011
Chatterjee, Pranab - - 2011
With the ubiquitous connectivity offered by the Internet, social media sites (like Twitter and Facebook) and personal publishing platforms (blogs) are proliferating rapidly. In this new, evolving scenario of social media, these tools become an important medium to disseminate information at a lightning speed. However, the conventional medical publication model ...
Rebe, Kevin - - 2011
Men who have sex with men (MSM) are at high risk for HIV acquisition and transmission owing to the high risks associated with unprotected anal sex and barriers to accessing appropriate health services. Globally HIV prevention is failing among MSM, as evidenced by high seroconversion rates. Prevention interventions for MSM ...
Parry, Charles - - 2011
The March 2011 Anti-Substance Abuse Summit in Durban continued the outdated approach to policy around illicit drugs in South Africa. It missed opportunities for discussing how to impact significantly on the health and social harms associated with problematic drug use and reduce the burden of drug-related cases in the criminal ...
van Niekerk, - - 2011
van Niekerk, - - 2011
van Niekerk, - - 2011
van Niekerk, - - 2011
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