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Scarpinato, Joyce - - 2011
Marsland, Scott - - 2011
Cella, Ann - - 2011
Scholl, Elizabeth - - 2011
Santelli, Jeanine - - 2011
Moran, Colleen - - 2011
Groth, Susan - - 2011
Obesity is an expanding epidemic and minority adolescent girls are at high risk. One way to tailor interventions for obesity prevention is to target intention to engage in particular behaviors. Data collected from adolescent girls' intentions and behaviors regarding nutrition, physical activity, and sleep patterns were used to examine nutritional ...
Muxworthy, Heather - - 2011
This paper is a retrospective review of the literature analyzing the role of the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner in the community. Presented here is an appraisal of national and state mental health initiatives. Professional nursing regulations are reviewed, focusing on New York State advanced practice nursing. Barriers to practice ...
Pericak, Arlene - - 2011
In this paper, the author addresses decreased access to health care in underserved areas and the shortage of primary care physicians and how nurse practitioners (NPs) can fill this void. In order to make up for the lack of primary care doctors, NPs need to be politically involved in fighting ...
Cella, Ann - - 2011
Ramos, Carly - - 2010
Martt, Rebecca - - 2010
Kalman, Melanie - - 2010
Cramer, Matthew - - 2010
Hadsell, Christine - - 2010
When a mother and newborn must be separated because of the child's admission to the neonatal intensive care unit, feelings of disconnection, frustration, and fear can ensue. One way to increase involvement and decrease stress for mothers interested in breastfeeding is early initiation of breast pumping to stimulate milk production ...
Klainberg, Marilyn - - 2010
A variety of forces, internal and external, often impact students who are experiencing life on a college campus; these forces can lead to feelings of increased pressure and stress. To combat the negative effects of stress, faculty and administrators at a mid-size, suburban university collaborated to help students decrease their ...
Kalman, Melanie - - 2010
Lucas, Lisa - - 2010
Brophy, Alexandra - - 2010
Groth, Susan - - 2010
Nurses are frequently involved in the recruitment of subjects for clinical research studies when their patients are potential study participants. As professionals, it is nurses' responsibility to make sure that patients are treated with beneficence when they are included in clinical research. Financial incentives are frequently used to encourage participation, ...
Kowal, Christopher - - 2010
Utilization of the Iowa Model of evidence-based practice (EBP) helps to facilitate change in nursing care. This was observed when an alteration in pain-rating assessment scales needed to be implemented at St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center in Syracuse, NY. Research showed that the Critical Care Pain Observation Tool (CPOT) was ...
Weidenbaum, Allan - - 2010
Millor, Georgia - - 2009
Young, Amanda - - 2009
Hughes, Meghan - - 2009
Babcock, Jennifer - - 2009
Sellers, Kathleen - - 2009
The purpose of this descriptive study was to examine the knowledge of nursing administrators about horizontal violence (HV) among New York Organization of Nurse Executive members and to ascertain if they used evidence-based leadership in their roles. In this paper the authors describe the research conducted and examine evidence-based leadership ...
Worral, Priscilla - - 2009
In increasing numbers, nurses as members of intradisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams are implementing evidence- based practice (EBP) changes. These variations result in demonstrated improvement in outcomes for the patient and family, staff, organization, and community. Many of these EBP activities remain an untapped resource; however, they have potential for improving ...
Myers, Gina - - 2009
A nursing research alliance is a group of individuals in a geographic area who come together to identify ways to promote evidence-based practice, collaborate on research projects, and raise awareness of nursing research in the healthcare community. Six alliances currently exist in New York State. These alliances are actively engaged ...
Myers, Gina - - 2009
The New York State Research Agenda promotes nursing research and evidence-based practice as a means of improving the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of care in the state. One way to put the research agenda into action is through the development of regional nursing research alliances across New York State. These ...
Millor, Georgia - - 2009
Scorzafava, Catherine - - 2009
Feller, Amelia - - 2009
Ploutz, Cynthia - - 2009
Fleming, Erin - - 2009
Sturm, Bonnie - - 2009
The purpose of this secondary analysis of qualitative data was to discover and articulate the nature and value of therapeutic nursing interventions (TNIs) utilized by psychiatric community health nurses (PCHNs). PCHNs encounter ethical conflict when faced with increasingly strict payment limitations on nursing practice (Sturm, 2004). This new analysis provides ...
Kalman, Melanie - - 2009
Most nurses enter the profession at the associate degree (AD) level, however, the link between nursing education and patient outcomes supports the need for nurses to be educated at the baccalaureate level. The purpose of this phenomenological study of 11 AD nurses enrolled in a baccalaureate nursing program was to ...
Scheier, Donna - - 2009
Deaf individuals face many barriers when trying to access health care. The reasons why barriers are encountered, difficulties met as a result of the barriers, and ways that health professionals and others working with deaf people can overcome obstacles are included in this review of the literature. A brief summary ...
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