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Brown, Douglas - - 2011
This historical paper documents the unbroken legacy of the West family of chiropractors which has flourished in Canada for over 100 years. Part I, unearthed the origins, development and careers of Archibald West, the founder of this dynasty, his son Samuel and grandson Stephen. Part II, delves into the life ...
Hudes, Karen - - 2011
Objective: This case study chronicled the assessment, treatment and management of two adolescent patients presenting with acute knee pain, diagnosed as medial meniscus tear, with or without a medial collateral ligament sprain, with coronary ligament involvement. Cases: Patient 1: A 16 year old male football player presented with right medial ...
Parkinson, Jodi - - 2011
Objective: The objective of this study was to determine the attitudes of clinical faculty during the 2009-2010 academic year at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College towards the treatment of various non-musculoskeletal disorders.
Blanchette, Marc-Andre - - 2011
Objectives: To investigate changes in muscular activity and strength of subjects diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis (LE). To assess the appropriateness of these measures in the patient's follow-up.
Gleberzon, Brian - - 2011
Introduction: The purpose of this article was to perform a narrative review of the chiropractic literature regarding older patients between 2001 and 2010.
Bruno, Paul - - 2011
The use of diagnostic tests is a crucial aspect of clinical practice since they assist clinicians in establishing whether a patient has or does not have a particular condition. In order for any clinical test to be used most appropriately, it is essential that several parameters be established regarding the ...
Howell, Emily - - 2011
Southerst, Danielle - - 2011
Millar, Neil - - 2011
In this pilot study, a collection of peer-reviewed articles from the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association was analyzed by computer to identify the more commonly occurring words and phrases. The results were compared to a reference collection of general English in order to identify the vocabulary which is distinctive ...
Stuber, Kent - - 2011
Background: Nutritional supplements are commonly used for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including knee and hip degenerative joint disease. Although these supplements are occasionally recommended for patients with degenerative disc disease and spinal degenerative joint disease, the evidence supporting this use is unknown.
Murphy, Donald - - 2011
Purpose: To report and discuss four cases of ear pain which were treated successfully with manual therapy.
Stainsby, Brynne - - 2011
Objective: To detail the presentation of three health care workers diagnosed with sudden acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) who later presented to a CMCC teaching clinic with neuromusculoskeletal sequelae and underwent conservative treatments. This case series aims to inform practitioners of the potential pathogenesis of these neuromuscular complaints and describes their ...
Hudes, Karen - - 2011
Objective: This case study was conducted to evaluate the treatment and management of a patient presenting with medial elbow pain diagnosed as medial epicondylosis.
Brunarski, David - - 2011
Yuill, Erik - - 2010
Objective: Detail the progress of an adolescent soccer player with right-sided chronic medial foot pain due to striking an opponent's leg while kicking the ball. The patient underwent diagnostic ultrasound and a conservative treatment plan.
Miners, Andrew - - 2010
Objective: To compile baseline data regarding the treatment practices and therapeutic outcomes that fellows of the College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences Canada (CCSS(C)) strive for when treating athletes.
Durante, Jaclyn - - 2010
Objective: To present the diagnostic and clinical features of pudendal nerve entrapment and create awareness amongst clinicians of this rare and painful condition.
Cubos, Jeff - - 2010
A search of the literature revealed that the torso sustains very few swimming injuries. Costochondritis is a poorly understood condition that presents as pain and tenderness on the costochondral or chondrosternal joints without swelling, and may result from increased pulling by adjoining muscles to this region of the chest wall. ...
Avrahami, Daniel - - 2010
Groin pain may stem from a variety of different causes. Adductor tendinopathy is a common but infrequently recognised cause of chronic groin pain especially in athletes. This case report describes a case of clinically suspected adductor tendinopathy in an amateur athlete confirmed by MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Relevant literature on ...
Avrahami, Daniel - - 2010
Wrist injuries and carpal instability may result from various sport-related acitivites. Lunotriquetral instability (LTI) is an infrequently recognized cause of wrist pain in athletes. The diagnosis of LTI through history and physical examination can be confirmed by Magnetic Resonance Arthrogram (MRA). This case report describes a case of clinically suspected ...
Konczak, Clark - - 2010
Objective: To examine paramedical (chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage therapy) utilization among high-level BMX athletes following sport-related injury at the 2007 UCI World Championships.
Kazemi, Mohsen - - 2010
The purpose of this study was to identify the characteristics of Olympic medal winners (gold, silver, bronze) who competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and compare these characteristics to those who competed but did not earn medals. We have also descriptively analysed the 2008 data in comparison to the ...
Muir, Brad - - 2010
Myositis ossificans traumatica is a relatively common injury associated with sports especially those involving contact. It continues to frustrate both athlete and health practitioner alike due to its continued lack of treatment options and a lengthy natural history. This case study chronicles the observation of a 34 year old recreational ...
Schenkel, David - - 2010
This case reports an adolescent athlete with activity related chronic bilateral dorsal foot pain and stiffness. A 15 year old competitive female basketball player presented to a chiropractor subsequent to an unsuccessful course of conservative treatment for posterior tibial dysfunction. The patient's plain films were incorrectly read as normal and ...
Miners, Andrew - - 2010
A literature search and narrative review was carried out with the intent of determining the current level of knowledge regarding the chiropractic treatment of athletes for the purpose of sport performance enhancement. Of the fifty-nine relevant articles retrieved, only 7 articles of variable quality were obtained which specifically investigated/discussed chiropractic ...
Stainsby, Brynne - - 2010
Lawrence, Dana - - 2010
Brown, Douglas - - 2010
This historical treatise documents the unbroken legacy of the West family of chiropractors which has flourished in Canada for over 100 years. Part I, unearths the origins, development and careers of Archibald West, the founder of this dynasty, his son Samuel and grandson Stephen. Part II, not yet ready for ...
Rodine, Robert - - 2010
The following case describes a 68 year-old woman with a 7 1/2 year history of worsening head and neck pain diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia following surgical resection of a brain tumor. After years of unsuccessful management with medication and physical therapies, a therapeutic trial of chiropractic was carried out. Chiropractic ...
Emary, Peter - - 2010
Objective: To familiarize the chiropractic clinician with the clinical presentation, radiographic features, and conservative versus surgical treatment options for managing femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) syndrome.
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