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Babor T F - - 1975
The relation between marijuana consumption and the development of tolerance was investigated during a 31-day study. Volunteers with a history of moderate or heavy marijuana use were given access to one-gram (2.1% delta9 tetrahydrocannabinol [THC]) marijuana cigarettes during a 21-day smoking period. Both groups tended to increase consumption during this ...
Jacobs S - - 1975
Calf blood flow was correlated with severity of symptoms in 24 patients with intermittent claudication. Calf blood flow was measured (Whitney strain gauge) at three levels of demand--at rest, after exercise ("open"), and after exercise with total vascular occlusion by a tourniquet about the thigh ("closed"). The results showed significant ...
MOLD J D - - 1964
Alloocimene was not found to be a constituent of cigarette smoke under test conditions that allowed 86 percent recovery when authentic alloocimene was added to the smoke. In the same experiments dipentene was found to the extent of 0.2 percent of the smoke condensate.
ZIMMERMAN J - - 1963
Incorrect matching responses of two pigeons on matching to sample were either continuously (CRF) or intermittently (FR) followed by a time out (TO). The matching accuracy was examined as a function of both TO duration and TO frequency (ratio size). With intermediate TO durations (10 sec, 1 min), accuracy increased ...
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