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Giorgini Vincent V University of Oklahoma, 3100 Monitor, Suite 100, Norman, OK, 73072, USA, - - 2014
The study of ethical behavior and ethical decision making is of increasing importance in many fields, and there is a growing literature addressing the issue. However, research examining differences in ethical decision making across fields and levels of experience is limited. In the present study, biases that undermine ethical decision ...
Andrianov Andrei A Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Studgorodok 1, Obninsk, Kaluga Region, 249030, Russian Federation, - - 2014
This article analyzes the present status, development trends, and problems in the ethics of nuclear technology in light of a possible revision of its conceptual foundations. First, to better recognize the current state of nuclear technology ethics and related problems, this article focuses on presenting a picture of the evolution ...
Akpudo Hilary H aMeharry Medical College, Nashville, Tennessee bHuman Genetics Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland cSection of Genetic Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois dWashington University School of Medicine at Washington University Medical Center, St Louis, Missouri eHarvard Medical School, VA Boston Healthcare System, Brockton, Massachusetts fHospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, USA gDepartment of Psychiatry, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya, Japan hThe Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel iMax-Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich jSection on Psychiatric Genetics, University Medical Center, University of Goettingen, Goettingen kDepartment of Genetic Epidemiology in Psychiatry, Central Institute of Mental Health, Medical Faculty Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany lDepartment of Psychiatry, Yuli Mental Health Research Center, Yuli Branch, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Yuli mInstitute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan nInstitute of Psychiatry, Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Science - DIBINEM, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy oDepartment of General Biology, Fluminense Federal University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil pMRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomic, Institute of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff qMedical Research Council Functional Genomics Unit, Department of Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics rThe Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK sDepartment of Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatric Genetics Research Group, Trinity College Dublin, Trinity Centre for Health Sciences, St James's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland tNeurosciences, Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Neurobiology Research Center, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences uNeuropsychiatric Hospital, Abeokuta, Nigeria vSchool of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences, Erasmus University wThe Generation R Study Group, Erasmus University Medical Center xDepartment of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/Psychology, Erasmus University Medical Center-Sophia Children's Hospital, Rotterdam yDepartment of Human Genetics, Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands zSchool of Medicine, Deakin University, Victoria, - - 2014
The XXI World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics (WCPG), sponsored by the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics (ISPG), took place in Boston, Massachusetts, on 17-21 October 2013. Approximately 900 participants gathered to discuss the latest findings in this rapidly advancing field. The following report was written by student travel awardees. Each ...
Soininen Päivi - - 2014
Despite improvements in psychiatric inpatient care, patient restrictions in psychiatric hospitals are still in use. Studying perceptions among patients who have been secluded or physically restrained during their hospital stay is challenging. We sought to review the methodological and ethical challenges in qualitative and quantitative studies aiming to describe patients' ...
Evans Alison - - 2014
The November 1974 Barts Set 13 are planning a 40-year anniversary to be held on Saturday November 15.
Lipsitch Marc M Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics, Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America; Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of - - 2014
Please see later in the article for the Editors' Summary.
- - 2014
Pei Chia Eng and Dworakowska Dorota. Persistent fever in a young woman. J R Soc Med February 2014 107: 75-78, first published on December 13, 2013 doi: 10.1177/0141076813512819.
Prather Kristala L J - - 2013
This special issue on Biomolecular Engineering is edited by Prof. Kristala L. J. Prather and Prof. Ali Khademhosseini and includes peer-reviewed papers from some of the best presentations at the 4(th) International Conference on Biomolecular Engineering.
Hawkes Peter P CEMES-CNRS, B.P. 94347, F-31055 Toulouse Cedex, France. Electronic address: - - 2013
Recent books and conference proceedings are examined.
Yunker Peter J - - 2013
A Reply to the Comment by M. Nicoli, R. Cuerno, and M. Castro.
Sahraoui F - - 2013
A Reply to the Comment by O. Alexandrova, S. D. Bale, and C. Lacombe.
- - 2013
The Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine acknowledges the following individuals for volunteering to review abstract and case study submissions for the CAP '13 meeting.
Dzuba Ilana G - - 2013
Background Abortion rates in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are nearly triple those in Western Europe, due to less use of contraception and highly restrictive abortion laws. Women resort to clandestine and often unsafe methods to end unwanted pregnancies, exposing themselves to the risk of complications and mortality. Medical ...
- - 2013
BVA past-president, Carl Padgett, recently attended a meeting of the International Veterinary Officers Council (IVOC).
Gosis Bridget - - 2013
Teenage use of indoor tanning has reached epidemic proportions. There is no Federal ban on teen use; rather, it is left to each state to determine policy. We conducted a state-by-state analysis using data from each state's statutes and regulations and supplementary information from the National Conference of State Legislatures. ...
Ji Xiangdong - - 2013
A Reply to the Comments by E. Leader and C. Lorce and A. Harindranath et al.
Graves W S - - 2013
A Reply to the Comment by G. Stupakov, A. Zholents, and M. S. Zolotorev.
Dietrich Christoph F CF Innere Medizin 2, Uhlandstr. 7, D-97980 Bad Mergentheim, - - 2013
At present, the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) guidelines on endoscopic ultrasound-guided sampling are almost complete and express state of the art developments. However, future developments are anticipated. This editorial focuses on a few recently published papers with some additional information and on two important additional techniques, elastography and ...
Qin Hong - - 2013
A Reply to the Comment by J. H. Chen and H. Y. Fan.
Janus Eric S - - 2013
Nearly two decades after the birth of American Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) laws and the tolerant review of their legitimacy by American courts, European courts and international bodies are beginning to develop a jurisprudence of their own with regard to preventive detention. Applying international human rights norms, these bodies have ...
Badran Karam W - - 2013
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS: The Triological Society requires thesis submission for full membership. Accepted theses (AT) may be recognized with designations of: Mosher Awards (MA), Fowler Awards (FA), Honorable Mention for Basic Science (HMBS), and Honorable Mention for Clinical Science (HMCS). We sought to determine and compare the scholarly impact of Triological Society ...
- - 2013
Involvement of metalloproteinases in exosome biology. For further details see article in this issue by Masayuki Shimoda and Rama Khokha, Proteolytic factors in exosomes, Proteomics 2013, 13, 1624-1636 (DOI: 10.1002/pmic.201200458). Cover design by SCHULZ Grafik-Design.
Slimack Nicholas P - - 2013
COMMENTARY ON: Hirsch BP, Unnanuntana A, Cunningham ME, Lane JM. The effect of therapies for osteoporosis on spine fusion: a systematic review. Spine J 2013;13:190-9 (in this issue).
Turer Christy Boling CB Departments of Pediatrics and Medicine, UT Southwestern and Children's Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA. - - 2013
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued specific behavioral recommendations to prevent obesity. It is unclear how often high-risk preschoolers and overweight mothers meet recommended behavior goals and whether meeting these goals is negatively associated with overweight/obesity. To describe the proportion of preschoolers and mothers that meet AAP-recommended behavior ...
Carpenter John-Paul - - 2013
The 16th Annual Scientific Sessions of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) took place in San Francisco, USA at the end of January 2013. With a faculty of experts from across the world, this congress provided a wealth of insight into cutting-edge research and technological development. This review article ...
Eisfeld A - - 2012
A Reply to the Comment by A. Werpachowska and A. Olaya-Castro.
Lyon Ho - - 2012
In the 13(th) issue of News from the Biological Stain Commission (BSC) under the heading of Regulatory affairs, the Biological Stain Commission's International Affairs Committee presents information from the first plenary meeting of the International Standards Organization ISO/TC 212 Clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic test systems held on ...
Cervera Ricard R Servei de Malalties Autoimmunes, Hospital Clínic, Villarroel 170, 08036-Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. - - 2012
The 8th edition of the International Congress on Autoimmunity took place in the beautiful and historical city of Granada, Spain, from 9 to 13 March 2012. It gathered more than 2350 participants from 71 different countries, including internists, immunologists, rheumatologists, basic researchers and many other clinicians and laboratory people interested ...
Zeidler A - - 2012
A Reply to the Comment by A. K. Soper and C. J. Benmore.
Fan Yue - - 2012
A Reply to the Comment by P. Brommer and N. Mousseau.
Lee Jung-Hoon - - 2012
A Reply to the Comment by R. D. Johnson, N. Terada, and P. G. Radaelli.
Serbyn M N - - 2011
A Reply to the Comment by Andrei Sergeev, M. Reizer, and V. Mitin.
Alexander R T - - 2011
The Satellite Meeting on Na+/H+ Exchangers, held on 17 April 2010, covered a range of new developments in this field. The symposium was chaired by Dr. Larry Fliegel, University of Alberta, and the speakers were Dr. John Orlowski of McGill University, Dr. Jan Rainey of Dalhousie University, Dr. Etana Padan ...
Tong D M - - 2011
A Reply to the Comment by Meisheng Zhao and Jianda Wu and also a Reply to the Comment by Daniel Comparat.
Radun Igor - - 2011
Given the well-known difficulties in defining and detecting fatigue, it is a real challenge to incorporate it into either traffic or criminal law. Finnish traffic law forbids fatigued driving "only" on a general level concerning the driver's fitness to drive. We present several comments from Finnish traffic and local police ...
Agoston Péter - - 2011
A Reply to the Comment by Stephan Lany and Alex Zunger.
Ikeda Atsushi - - 2011
A Reply to the Comment by Rolf Schilling and Bernhard Schmid.
Adaniya H - - 2011
A Reply to the Comment by N. Bhargava Ram, Vaibhav S. Prabhudesai, and E. Krishnakumar.
Ford L H - - 2011
A Reply to the Comment by Roberto Eramo and Lorenzo Ulivi.
Zhao Xueying - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by C. G. Dunckle and P. Taborek.
Rypdal M - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Nicola Scafetta and Bruce J. West.
Borca B - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by H. G. Zhang and T. Greber.
Brambilla G - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by J. Reinhardt, F. Weysser, and M. Fuchs.
Zhou Qi - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Lode Pollet, Nikolay Prokof'ev, and Boris Svistunov.
Peets D C - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Philip Phillips and Mark Jarrell.
Daems D - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Michael Nathanson and Mary Beth Ruskai.
Zhao R - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Mário G. Silveirinha and Stanislav I. Maslovski.
Park Hye-Sook - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by A. R. Piriz, J. J. López Cela, and N. A. Tahir.
Chang You-De YD You-De Chang, The WJG Press, PO Box 2345, Beijing 100023, - - 2007
Lian-Sheng Ma, Editor-in-Chief of World Journal of Gastroenterology (WJG), warmly met Professor Hugh J Freeman from the University of British Columbia at Peninsula Hotel in Beijing on August 28, 2007. Professor Hugh J Freeman gave much helpful advice toward the further development of WJG. He will serve as series editor ...
Warren O L - - 2005
Extended abstract of a paper presented at Microscopy and Microanalysis 2005 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, July 31--August 4, 2005.
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