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Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research ...
One chapter of a seven chapter annual report from 1999 examining ecological issues regarding the shortnose and Lost River sucker populations in Upper Klamath Lake and Williamson River.
Koenig WD - - 2000
We tested whether annual seed production (masting or mast fruiting) in Northern Hemisphere trees is an evolved strategy or a consequence of resource tracking by comparing masting patterns with those of annual rainfall and mean summer temperatures, two environmental variables likely to correlate with available resources. There were generally significant ...
McKinnon C - - 1998
The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is the world's largest professional society representing physicians and researchers in the field of cancer treatment. Almost 19,000 clinicians, researchers and specialists from academia and industry attended this 34th Annual Meeting. The four-day meeting consisted of lecture sessions, education sessions, "meet the professor" ...
Chambers A F - - 1998
The AACR annual meeting was attended by approximately 8000 international scientists, and consisted of more than 200 invited presentations, a plenary session, 28 symposia, two controversy sessions, multiple "meet-the-expert" sessions, two methods workshops and several educational sessions. In addition, more than 4500 submitted abstracts were accepted for presentation in 34 ...
Philippi T - - 1993
Prolonged seed dormancy in desert annuals is thought to be an adaptation to environmental uncertainty. Germination spread over several years could reduce the year-to-year variation in the fitness of a genotype. Previous work has demonstrated that, for a number of species, not all viable seeds germinate under one set of ...
Norman C - - 1989
The annual meeting of the AAAS, held in San Francisco on 14 to 19 January, attracted the largest turnout for several years. More than 6000 are estimated to have attended. The meeting, which was held in conjunction with the winter meeting of the American Physical Society and the annual meeting ...
B W - - 1988
Attendance at the AAAS annual meeting in Boston was at a record high for recent years, with 8700 people braving the half-finished Hynes Convention Center as well as wet snow and gale-force winds that closed Logan Airport on the first full day of the conference. Some hardy participants arrived by ...
Meenan R F - - 1983
Members of the American Rheumatism Association (ARA) were surveyed to determine their views on the content and quality of their annual meeting. Responses were received from 1,208 members. ARA members were generally positive about the major components of the annual meeting program, but there were significant differences in opinion between ...
Clark L J - - 1979
Honolulu is the host city for the MLA Annual Meeting in 1979. The attractions of Honolulu and Hawaii are recommended to members.
Berlin I R - - 1978
Chicago is the setting for the 1978 MLA Annual Meeting. The city offers MLA members a varied selection of activities. Recommendations are made for viewing highlights of the "Windy City."
Stock C J - - 1977
You are invited to Seattle for the 1977 Annual Meeting, its theme to be "Change, Comparison, and Controversy." Suggestions are made for activities in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, including the cohost city, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Mead, D.J. (ed.)
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Species 2000
The Species 2000 & ITIS (Integrated Taxonomic Information System) catalogue aims to become a catalogue of all known species by 2011. It is published as two products - the Annual Checklist, which is updated annually, and can be obtained as a free CD-ROM or accessed via this website; and the ...
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