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Mertz Marcel - - 2014
BackgroundClinical practice guidelines (CPGs), a core tool to foster medical professionalism, differ widely in whether and how they address disease-specific ethical issues (DSEIs), and current manuals for CPG development are silent on this issue. The implementation of an explicit method faces two core challenges: first, it adds further complexity to ...
Svider Peter F PF Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, Michigan, USA - - 2014
Expert witnesses play an invaluable, if controversial, role by deciphering medical events for juries in cases of alleged negligence. We review expert witness guidelines among major surgical societies and identify gaps within these standards, as our hope is that this spurs discussion addressing areas for improvement. Of 8 surgical societies ...
Bedau Mark A - - 2014
Synthetic biology has spawned a debate about how society and the international community should go about policy-making, especially given the potential for both transformative benefits and existential threats. One of the significant contributions of "The Ethics of Synthetic Biology: Next Steps and Prior Questions," by Kaebnick, Gusmano, and Murray, is ...
Verrinder Joy M - - 2014
Veterinarians face unique animal ethics challenges as practitioners and policy advisors to government and industry. Changing societal attitudes, cultural diversity, and often conflicting needs and interests of patients and clients contribute to moral distress. Yet little has been done to identify veterinarians' capacity to address these animal ethics issues. In ...
Bousquet Jean - - 2010
The links between asthma and rhinitis are well characterized. The Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma (ARIA) guidelines stress the importance of these links and provide guidance for their prevention and treatment. Despite effective treatments being available, too few patients receive appropriate medical care for both diseases. Most patients ...
Ottinger Hans Christian - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Henning Struchtrup and Manuel Torrilhon.
Yepez Jeffrey - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Giorgio Krstulovic and Marc Brachet.
Levy de Castro G - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Flora Onufrieva and Pierre Pfeuty.
Dutta A - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Christopher R. Weinberger.
Blanchette François - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by J. Eggers and S. Courrech du Pont.
Carbone Fabrizio - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Hyuk Park and Jian-Min Zuo.
Bonn Daniel - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Andrea Gambassi and S. Dietrich.
Surer B - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by A. Möbius and M. Richter.
Khatri Rishi - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by V. V. Flambaum and S. G. Porsev.
Mota A C - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by D. E. MacLaughlin et al.
Mishmash R V - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Jacek Dziarmaga, Piotr Deuar, and Krzysztof Sacha.
Jansson H - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by C. Gainaru and R. Böhmer.
Yao Yansun - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by A. M. Teweldeberhan and S. A. Bonev.
Sagawa Takahiro - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Raoul Dillenschneider and Eric Lutz.
Sorriso-Valvo L - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by M. A. Forman, C. W. Smith, and B. J. Vasquez.
Cha Janghwan - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Youhwa Ohk, Yong-Hyun Kim, and Yousung Jung.
Pimpinelli Alberto - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Maozhi Li, Yong Han, and J. W. Evans.
Cui H B - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Dafang Li, Yanming Ma, and Jun Yan.
Das Saurya - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by M. M. Ettefaghi and S. M. Fazeli.
Schneider J M - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Igor A. Luk'yanchuk and Yakov Kopelevich.
Zhang Degang - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Maria Daghofer and Adriana Moreo.
Toschi A - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by N. E. Phillips and J. E. Gordon.
Kaczorowski D - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by K. Uhl?rov?, J. Prokleska, and V. Sechovsk?.
Li B - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by A. Serra, D. J. Bacon, and R. C. Pond.
Johnson S L - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by Eeuwe S. Zijlstra, L. E. D?az-S?nchez, and Martin E. Garcia.
Sun Zhimei - - 2010
A Reply to the Comment by J. Akola and R. O. Jones.
Vorobyev A Y - - 2009
A Reply to the Comment by K. C. Mishra, M. Zachau, and R. E. Levin.
Couderc Elsa - - 2009
A Reply to the Comment by T. C. Rogers and M. Strikman.
Miranda Vinícius - - 2009
A Reply to the Comment by A. de la Cruz-Dombriz, A. Dobado, and A. L. Maroto.
Gorb Stanislav N - - 2009
Replying to: F. Pérez-Miles, A. Panzera, D. Ortiz-Villatoro & C. Perdomo 461, 10.1038/nature08404 (2009)The data presented by Pérez-Miles et al. call into question the production of tarantula tarsal silk, but there remains substantive evidence that would seem to contradict their assertion that tarsal silk is solely due to abdominal silk ...
Schmid Bernhard - - 2009
A Reply to the Comment by V. N. Novikov and E. Duval.
Sokolov Alexei P - - 2009
A Reply to the Comment by K. L. Ngai, D. J. Plazek, and C. M. Roland.
Knoll A - - 2009
A Reply to the Comment by Pere Roura and Jordi Farjas.
Hou Lu-Jing - - 2009
A Reply to the Comment by T. Ott, M. Bonitz, and P. Hartmann.
Córdova-Figueroa Ubaldo M - - 2009
A Reply to the Comment by Frank Jülicher and Jacques Prost.
Kurdek Lawrence A - - 2009
This reply to Kobak's comments on my article on dogs as attachment figures addresses three issues in defining and assessing features of attachment figures. These include whether some features are more critical than other features, different ways of assessing safe haven as a critical feature of an attachment figure, and ...
Wernsdorfer W - - 2009
A Reply to the Comment by E. del Barco, S. Hill, and D. N. Hendrickson.
Day J M D - - 2009
Replying to: R. Arculus, I. H. Campbell, S. M. McLennan & S. R. Taylor 459 10.1038/nature08077 (2009)Arculus et al. raise an important question regarding the use of terrestrial rock nomenclature to characterize extraterrestrial materials. Here the issue relates to the definition of 'andesite', and whether the felsic achondrite meteorites GRA ...
Benatar D - - 2009
Seth Baum suggests that my claim that it is better never to come into existence "can readily be rejected not just out of reflexive distaste for the claim but also out of sound ethical reasoning". In my reply, I argue that Mr Baum fails to state accurately what my arguments ...
Paschke Matthias - - 2009
Engineering a circularly permuted GFP scaffold for peptide presentationMatthias Paschke, Christian Tiede, Wolfgang Höhne.Volume 20, Issue 5, Pages 367-378 (September/October 2007) DOI: 10.1002/jmr.844.The above paper was published with an incorrect affiliation of the co-authors. The correct address is as follows:Institut für Biochemie, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Monbijoustrasse 2a, D-10117 Berlin, Germany.
Teive Hélio A G - - 2008
The author presents a report of the first meeting of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology, which took place in Curitiba, Paraná, 45 years ago, between June 30 and July 05, 1963. A total of 103 papers were presented in the scientific sessions, predominantly in the following sub-areas: epilepsy, brain neoplasia, ...
Bruley Duane Frederick - - 2008
The International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT) was founded in April, 1973 by Drs. Duane F. Bruley and Haim I. Bicher. However, the roots of ISOTT go back to Drs. Christian Bohr and August Krogh. Dr. Bruley first wanted to sponsor an international symposium on oxygen transport to ...
Neal S - - 2007
The ninth international meeting of the European Laboratory Working Group on Diphtheria (ELWGD) and the first annual meeting of the Diphtheria Surveillance Network (DIPNET) was held in Vouliagmeni, Greece, in November 2006. The recognition of DIPNET as an established Dedicated Surveillance Network (DSN) by the European Commission (EC) was announced, ...
Van Drie John H - - 2007
This perspectives article has been taken from a talk the author gave at the symposium in honor of Yvonne C. Martin's retirement, held at the American Chemical Society spring meeting in Chicago on March 25, 2007. The talk was intended as a somewhat lighthearted attempt to gaze into the future; ...
Birnie A - - 2007
Here we provide a synopsis of the main clinical and research advances in clinical, epidemiological and biological dermatology that were presented at the meeting of the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) held during 4-7 July 2006, in Manchester, U.K. Only the more important advances or summaries of findings are mentioned. ...
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