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Forest Service, Washington, DC ...
Library also has printed ed., AN 405562, CN 634.96 F766
Neumann, Klaus
Report prepared for the Waitangi Tribunal, Wellington (April 2001).
Gary A. Bishop,Donald H. ...
this report are those of the authors and may not necessarily
Utah Health Sciences Library ...
This is the treasurer's report from 1994.
This report is a limited reevaluation report to investigate alternatives to deepen the Ottawa River Harbor, Michigan and Ohio channel siltation of the harbor and low lake levels make navigation of the harbor unsafe. The Buffalo District commander recommends that this limited reevaluation investigation be terminated by this report. due ...
Rose H J - - 1983
Clinical influenza attacked 304 out of 576 boys at a west country boarding school. Influenza A/ENG/333/80 (H(1)N(1)), a drift from A/USSR/92/77, was isolated from 14 out of 40 throat swabs. Pre-epidemic sera from 64 new boys showed that 54 already had antibodies to H(1)N(1) and 40 of them had antibodies ...
Fegan K G - - 1983
The relationship between the group B Coxsackieviruses and a wide variety of illnesses, particularly pleurodynia and myo/pericarditis, is already well established. The detection of raised levels of neutralizing antibody to these viruses in a group of patients in a rural practice presenting with an illness resembling myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) was ...
Tidwell W D - - 1970
Petrified palm stems (Palmoxylon simperi and Palmoxylon pristina) from the Middle Jurassic Arapien Shale Formation near Redmond, Sevier Country, Utah, are the first unequivocal angiosperms reported from pre-Cretaceous strata.
Trueb, Oliver Ernst Friedrich.
Thesis (M. Sc.)--University of Hong Kong, 1994.
Cooley, Thomas McIntyre, 1824-1898.
xxviii, 430, 73 p.
Dietz, Uwe Michael.
Thesis (M.F.A.)--University of Florida, 2003.
1970- Henning, Kathryn Hickerson,
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas at Austin, 2006.
1973- Piland, Scott Gene,
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Georgia, 2004.
Baez, Julio A.
Baez reports on his trip to Belgrade and modifies Bassiouni's report on his own trip to Zagerb
FAO, Rome (Italy). Fisheries ...
Summary (En). Field reports available on website
International Inst. for Environment ...
ISBNs of corresponding printed editions of the reports on the CD
Schaefer, Lisa
A report on the Mennonites from Russia.
This report is one in a series of College reports (previously known as Council reports) prepared and made available on the Web by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. This report addresses the issue of stigmatisation of people with mental illnesses by doctors. Published in February 2001, this 40 page report ...
Conservation Commission
This series contains the 1909 annual report for the Conservation Commission and the biennial reports for the years 1911-1913.; Chronological by date of reports.; Historical Note; Reports; 1909; 1910; 1911-1913; Reports; First biennial report, 1913
Sale, Mildred
Report of the Settlement School Chairman; Report of Director; Arrowcraft; Report of the Jennie Nicol Memorial Health Center May 1944-May 1945; Weaving Department Report, September 1925-May 1945; Pi Beta Phi Settlement School Gatlinburg Tennessee Report on Audit Year Ended June 30, 1945
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