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Geerdsen J - - 1976
Two cases of invagination of the Vermiform appendix associated with endometriosis are presented. Classification, incidence, etiology, symptomatology, diagnosis and treatment are discussed. The literature is reviewed in brief, and it is concluded that the possibility of invagination of the Vermiform appendix should be considered in obsure abdominal cases with recurrent ...
Wang-Norderud R - - 1976
The incidence of true osteoma in the mandibular condyloid process is extremely rare. An unusual case in a 35-year-old man with a classic picture of facial asymmetry is reported. Because of the microscopic similarity of benign osteogenic neoplasma and the hyperplastic overgrowths, the diagnosis of osteoma is sometimes difficult. We ...
Uohara J K - - 1975
Twelve cases of endometriosis of the vermiform appendix are discribed and reviewed. The incidence of 0.80 per cent is higher than has been previously reported. None of the patients displayed symptoms of acute appendicitis, however, five (42 per cent) patients had symptoms suggestive of chronic or cyclic appendicitis. Laboratory tests ...
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