Is routine drainage after total thyroidectomy necessary?
Article Type: Letter to the editor
Subject: Thyroidectomy (Physiological aspects)
Drainage, Surgical (Physiological aspects)
Drainage, Surgical (Management)
Author: Sozen, Selim
Pub Date: 11/01/2011
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Issue: Date: Nov, 2011 Source Volume: 49 Source Issue: 4
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Full Text: To the Editor: Most surgeons follow the practice of leaving a drain following thyroid surgery, in the hope that this will obliterate the dead space and evacuate collected blood and serum. The main reason is to drain off a possible post-operative haemorrhage that may compress air passages and produce respiratory failure. Although haemorrhage after thyroid surgery is rare, it may be life-threatening and require immediate re-operation. (1,2) According to Karayacin et al., routine drainage after thyroid surgery is not necessary, and a selective policy can be safely applied. (3) A total of 100 patients who underwent total thyroidectomy for benign thyroidal disorders were randomly allocated to be drained or not. The drained group comprised 2 men and 48 women. The non-drained group comprised 10 men and 40 women. There was no significant difference in the gender, age, hormonal status and histopathological results between the patients of the two groups (p=0.18, p=0.36, p=0.28 and p=0.40, respectively). The complication rate was similar between the two groups. One case of haematoma (2%), 2 cases of seroma (4%) and 3 cases of transient hypoparathyroidism (6%) occurred in the non drained group; 1 case of haematoma (2%), 2 cases of seroma (4%), 2 cases of wound infection (4%) and 2 cases of transient hypoparathyroidism (4%) occurred in the drained group (p=0.69). Routine drainage of the thyroid bed following thyroid surgery may not be necessary.

Selim Sozen

Elazig Training and Research Hospital



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