A physician's bladder control problem.
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Subject: Multiple sclerosis (Complications and side effects)
Multiple sclerosis (Care and treatment)
Urinary incontinence (Care and treatment)
Pub Date: 02/01/2012
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Full Text: - A Case Report-

Dr. Anderson had severe bladder control problems due to her multiple sclerosis condition.

"I was diagnosed with MS 15 years ago. My bladder control problem had become so bad that I could not sit through a single session with my patients -1 needed to go to the restroom every 15 minutes. If I had a glass of wine at dinner, I would be up every hour the whole night. I wore pads -1 had no choice. Honestly, the bladder control problem put more stress on my life than the MS condition."

"I tried all available bladder control medications and had no results, and the side effects were unbearable. I am on many medications for my MS condition, so I really did not want to add more pharmaceuticals into my body. I was desperate. I would try anything that would help."

When Dr. Anderson and I met at a medical conference, I introduced her to BetterWOMAN, an herbal formula that has effectively improved bladder control in thousands of women, including those with MS.

Dr. Anderson was intrigued. She said: "Let me tell you this. If your BetterWOMAN works for me, I will let down my professional standard and give you a big kiss."

Two months later, she called. "After taking BetterWOMAN for only one month, I started to experience reduced urgency to urinate. After two months, I had no problem lasting 75 minutes. In the past 15 years, I had to get up multiple times during the night. One day last week, I woke up to the daylight! My God, I was in tears ..."

"BetterWOMAN is now part of my life. I have also advised many of my patients about this wonderful product. Thank you so much. Oh, I owe you a big kiss!"

If you are interested in BetterWOMAN, please call 888.686.2698 or visit BetterWOMANnow.com. BetterMAN is also available for men.

Peipei Wu Wishnow, PhD

President Interceuticals, Inc.
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