The new 'Practitioner Only' brand range is here to stay.
Subject: Dietary supplements industry (Aims and objectives)
Dietary supplements industry (Services)
Pub Date: 03/22/2011
Publication: Name: Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism Publisher: National Herbalists Association of Australia Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2011 National Herbalists Association of Australia ISSN: 1033-8330
Issue: Date: Spring, 2011 Source Volume: 23 Source Issue: 1
Topic: Event Code: 220 Strategy & planning; 360 Services information
Product: SIC Code: 2023 Dry, condensed, evaporated products; 2834 Pharmaceutical preparations
Geographic: Geographic Scope: Australia Geographic Code: 8AUST Australia
Accession Number: 254971765
Full Text: Optimal Rx Pty Ltd was established in 2008 with the objective to supply the highest quality of herbal and nutritional supplements to the healthcare practitioner. Optimal Rx turns three this year and the acceptance and appreciation from the naturopathic community has been overwhelming. With its humble beginnings the brand was initiated by outstanding and passionate individuals of this profession. "It's all in the raw material!" Gillian Oborne, a director of Optimal Rx, states without hesitation. "We searched globally for the best extraction method that would demonstrate clinical efficacy and we, as practitioners, can be assured that we are dispensing the highest quality product".

In the era of confusion in raw materials, Optimal Rx took the initiative to thoroughly investigate the polar disparity of stock availability. "It was our promise to practitioners that we would not compromise the quality of the raw material to have the stock available. Now, with our experience in forecasting, we can deliver continued supply and will be expanding the range to over 90 quality herbal extracts in 2011" says Barry Oborne, partner in Optimal Rx.

Phil Rasmussen, CEO of Phytomed New Zealand, buys raw material from growers with whom he has had commercial relationships with for over 30 years. The raw material is accepted into New Zealand and therefore is not irradiated. They are then batched, extracted and tested. It is shipped to Australia as an ethanol extract so there is no need for irradiation into Australia. This is a unique point of difference and the extracts are still manufactured and packed under GMP Quality assurance.

"Optimal Rx send samples of the batches of liquid herbal extracts to be independently tested to maintain the highest level of quality" says Daniel Baden, Director Optimal Rx.
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