The little hospital that could.
Article Type: Letter to the editor
Author: Brinkman, Paul
Pub Date: 02/01/2012
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Issue: Date: Feb, 2012 Source Volume: 18 Source Issue: 1
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Full Text: Since a rock climbing accident in 1979, I have been living life in a wheelchair (T8 paraplegic). As a consequence, I have become way too familiar with Large hospitals. For everyone "inside the tent" these places are often hectic, crowded and stressful.

Recently I was on holiday in Mahia, when I was struck by a severe bout of cellutitis. At 10pm on New Year's Eve I was admitted to Wairoa Hospital for five nights.

I would just like to state that Wairoa was the best hospital I've ever been in--that's realty saying something--a fantastic little country hospital run by the sweetest people. All the doctors, nurses and aides were so kind and helpful (including several from overseas). For instance one doctor came to visit me but left because I was asleep. Despite my collapsed veins, the nurses started and kept my intravenous line going continuously for five days (the lure only needed replacing once). An aide thoroughly cleaned my room--even though this was not her job. They gave me a Christmas present despite it already being into the New Year. It seemed everyone naturally went the extra mite white doing their job. Nobody likes to be a patient, but this was a most restful recuperation. I was almost sad to leave.

Paul Brinkman, Wellington
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