A decade of health promotion: WVSMA health programs and West Virginia Medical Foundation highlights.
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Pub Date: 03/01/2010
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Full Text: In 2000, the West Virginia State Medical Association began a health program initiative. Then in 2002, the West Virginia Medical Foundation, was established as the Association's 501 (c)3 educational and charitable organization with its mission to improve the health of all West Virginians by promoting health education, leadership and research, encouraging healthy lifestyles and enhancing access to quality health care.

Physicians and other community leaders from throughout the state serve on the Foundation's Board of Trustees. Foundation staff has secured nearly $2,000,000 in grant funding and put it to work throughout the state to improve the health of West Virginians. Highlights of the Foundation's efforts include:

Statewide Health Cc Provider Training for Tobacco Cessation

Partnering with the West Virginia Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Foundation helped to train more than 750 physicians, nurses and other health care providers in the Clinical Practice Guidelines "Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence."


The Foundation led the effort to produce the first single topic issue of the West Virginia Medical Journal. The entire edition of the Jan/Feb 2001 West Virginia Medical Journal was devoted to the disease, devastation and death caused by tobacco.

Healthy West Virginia Summit 2003

Through a contract with the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health's Division of Tobacco Prevention, the Foundation's staff facilitated the planning and implementation of a two-day statewide conference related to tobacco prevention and cessation initiatives.


The Foundation hosted its first preventive medicine conference "Healthy West Virginia Summit 2003: Preventing Chronic Illness" May 2-4 at Stonewall Resort. The conference participants enhanced their skills in:

* assessing the need for counseling and behavior change among borderline, overweight and obese patients,

* discussing weight issues with patients,

* creating a behavior change plan with their patients or accessing available resources,

* establishing a systematic approach to encourage and support the consistent and effective identification and treatment of tobacco users, and

* understanding behavioral interventions and environmental and policy interventions to increase physical activity.

Another single topic issue of the West Virginia Medical Journal was produced focusing on preventing obesity through increased physical activity and good nutrition. The issue included a message to West Virginia physicians from former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, MD, PhD.

Prescription Assistance Program

Under the Leadership of Foundation Board Member Wayne Spiggle, MD, the Foundation convened a group of more than 20 stakeholders to discuss ways to streamline the process and improve patients' ability to receive prescriptions through various prescription assistance programs. The group explored the feasibility of establishing a statewide central fill pharmacy. This group's efforts lead the way for West Virginia Rx, a program that provides prescription drugs at no cost to patients who are uninsured, between the ages of 18 and 65.

Partnership for a Healthy West Virginia

The Foundation spearheaded the establishment of the Partnership for a Healthy West Virginia (Healthywv.com) that includes representatives from education, health care, business, government and non-profit organizations to develop a bold three-year plan to address obesity in the state. The group's policy recommendations were included in the Healthy West Virginia Act of 2005. With the Partnership, the Foundation hosted the 2006 Healthy West Virginia Summit that brought together more than 250 individuals to develop strategies to address obesity in the state. Facilitated by West Virginia Medical Foundation, the Partnership receives support from the Claude W. Benedum Foundation.


Members of the Partnership include the Claude W. Benedum Foundation, MAMSI, Mountain State Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Partnership of African American Churches, Wellness Councils of America, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, West Virginia Department of Education, West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, West Virginia Hospital Association, West Virginia Legislature, West Virginia Primary Care Network, West Virginia State Medical Association, Wheeling Health Right and the Wellness Council of West Virginia.



Know Your Numbers Campaign

As part of the Partnership for a Healthy West Virginia and the West Virginia Medical Foundation's "Know Your Numbers" educational program, posters and brochures were distributed to physician offices and community health centers. This effort includes information about the healthy range for key risk factors such as cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, blood glucose and body mass index. The intent of the effort is to enable individuals to take responsibility for their health by taking action to reduce their chances of developing heart disease, diabetes and many other illnesses. Funding for this project has been provided by the Claude W. Benedum Foundation.

Center for Electronic Health Best Practices

The Foundation was awarded a two-year $168,000 grant from the Physicians' Foundation for Health Systems Excellence to establish the Center for Electronic Health Best Practices. The Foundation conducted a statewide health information technology needs assessment, hosted a two-day conference June 15-16, 2007 titled "Improving Patient Care through Health Information Technology" and produced a special issue of the West Virginia Medical Journal on health technology. In addition, the Foundation's web page, wvsma.com/foundation, provides resources to aid in the adoption and implementation of health technology. Also, the Foundation hosted the "Advancing Excellence in Health care and Health Information Technology" Conference October 15-16, 2009 at Stonewall Resort. This conference provided an update on key health care reform issues including technology's role in driving health system improvement, how to access federal stimulus funds for health information technology, health IT in small and rural communities, progress in creating a health information exchange and technology's role in making your practice a medical home.


West Virginia Alzheimer's Outreach Program

The West Virginia Medical Foundation joined with several partners to help implement the Alzheimer's Outreach and Registry Program at the Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute (BRNI) at West Virginia University. This initiative brings together the Foundation, the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services, the Alzheimer's Association, West Virginia Chapter and the Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute. The aim of the initiative is to reach every physician and other health care providers to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and support for the more than 44,000 Alzheimer's disease patients and their 85,000 caregivers in West Virginia.


The initiative has three components:

a. A continuing medical education course to keep physicians informed and proactive in the latest diagnostic techniques and treatments available for Alzheimer's disease;

b. A continuing medical education program to connect the medical community, and through them caregivers, with local resources to better link treatment and care; and

c. The first-ever West Virginia Alzheimer's Disease Registry to collect data on patients and the disease in order to better inform state allocation of resources and to help guide BRNI research.

Excellence in Medicine Awards

In 2010, the West Virginia Medical Foundation announced the creation of the Excellence in Medicine Awards. The awards recognize the efforts of West Virginia physicians who are dedicated to the Foundation's mission: To improve the health of all West Virginians by promoting health education, leadership and research; encouraging healthy lifestyles and enhancing access to quality health care.

National Recognition

The Foundation's Chief Executive Officer, Helen Matheny, has been invited to present at national meetings including:

American Medical Association's State Legislative Strategy Conference, January 2007, La Quinta, CA

Progress in Preventing Childhood Obesity: Focus on Communities: Institute of Medicine Regional " Symposium, in collaboration with the Healthcare Georgia Foundation and supported by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, October 2005, Atlanta, GA

American Medical Association's "Call to Action: National Summit on Obesity", October 2005, Chicago, IL.


Foundation Chief Executive Officers: Evan Jenkins (2002-2006), Helen Matheny (2006 to present)

For more information about the West Virginia Medical Foundation's programs or to make a tax deductible contribution, contact Chief Executive Officer Helen Matheny at Helen@wvsma.com or at (304) 925-0342 ext. 13

List of Contributors

Join these generous donors in supporting the Foundation. Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations who have generously contributed to the West Virginia Medical Foundation.

Jane S. Altmeyer

Constantino Amores, MD

David Avery, MD

James E. Brick, MD

Hoyt J. Burdick, MD

Robert A. Caveney, MD

Dr. James L and Lynn Comerci

David E. Hess, MD

W. Alva Deardorff, MD

Eye and Ear Clinic of Charleston

Thomas W. Eppes, Jr, MD

Jim Felson, MD

Teresa Frazer, MD

Richard M. Fulks, MD

Joe Funderburk

Ron Goodwin

Harrison County Medical Alliance

B. Keith Huffman

Michael A. Istfan, MD

Kanawha Medical Society Alliance

Betty J. Kuppusami

Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Helen M. Matheny

Mack McClain, MD

James L. Milam, MD

Robert C. Nerhood, MD

Frederic H. Pollock, MD

Lynn Poulos

David L. Rader

Roy Rushen, MD

Francisco D. Sabado, Jr. MD

Stephen L. Sebert, MD

Karolyn Sharp

Wayne C. Spiggle, MD

Paula Taylor, MD

Wifredo A. Tiu, MD

Ophas Vongxaiburana, MD

Sarah C. Wade

Stephen L. Wilson, MD

WV Medical Insurance Agency, LLC

WV State Medical Association

WV State Medical Assoc Alliance Inc.

WVU School of Medicine
Current and Former Board Members

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals who have
provided exceptional leadership by serving on the Foundation Board.

Jo-Anne Bala                  Wheeling
Judy Bofill                   Man
Will Carter                   Charleston
MaryAnn Cater, DO             Wheeling
Cathy Conaway                 Hurricane
Alison Deem                   Bridgeport
Terry Elliott, MD             Wheeling
Ahmed Faheem, MD              Beckley
John D. Holloway, MD          Wheeling
Carlos C. Jimenez, MD         Glen Dale
Betty J. Kuppusami, CRNSA     Bluefield
Catherine Sue McKinney        Bridgeport
Doug McKinney, MD             Bridgeport
William A. Neal, MD           Morgantown
Joyce Rabanal                 Clarksburg
Marylon Rahbar                Wheeling
John H. Schmidt, III, MD      Charleston
Stephen L. Sebert, MD         Huntington
Joseph B. Selby, MD           Morgantown
Elizabeth L. Spangler, MD     Charleston
Wayne C. Spiggle, MD          Keyser
Phillip R. Stevens            Huntington
Ron D. Stollings, MD          Madison
Frances Smaltz, RN            Charleston
Sarah Wade                    Point Pleasant
R. Austin Wallace, MD         Charleston
J. Jeffrey Whyte, MD          Inwood
Lorre Wilson                  Barboursville
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