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Subject: Trade and professional associations (Services)
Trade and professional associations (Management)
Author: Luscombe, Rick
Pub Date: 10/01/2011
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Full Text: The purpose of this article is to keep all members informed of the activities with which the CANNT board of directors is involved. We will update you on what's new within our organization and upcoming activities, as well as important dates to remember.

The 2011 spring CANNT board of directors' meeting was held via teleconference. This year we tried something different. Instead of one eight-hour teleconference we actually had two four-hour teleconferences, one in February and the other in April of this year.



* At present, we have approximately 440 members of CANNT. The board is always looking at ways to encourage long-term membership. We no longer include membership with registration to the annual symposium. We found that our numbers fluctuated greatly and memberships were not renewed using this format.

* We encourage everyone to use the web site to sign up or renew their member ship online, which provides not only a cost savings to the organization, but also saves paper.

* We would also encourage members to maintain a yearly membership versus renewing at conference time. This pro vides you with copies of the CANNT Journal as well as helping to maintain professional development and the long-term viability of the organization.


* The board of directors is continuously watching all expenditures, as well as encouraging new revenue streams. For the second year in a row, we've held our spring board meeting via teleconference, greatly reducing our expenditures.

* We are continuously looking at ways to utilize our website as a method of communication in order to decrease the cost associated with snail mail.

* We are forever grateful to our corpo rate sponsors who, as always, are to be thanked for their ongoing support of CANNT, including the annual symposium and journal awards and bursaries.

Strategic planning

* The board of directors continues to focus on our present strategic plan, which was constructed in 2007 and will guide activities until 2013. Our main goals continue to focus on the following: communication, member ship, education, professional practice, research, partnerships and maintaining the viability of our association. We will be reviewing our process and accom plishments at the fall board of direc tors' meeting and update all members during the annual CANNT conference and in the CANNT Journal.


* The CANNT Journal is a peer reviewed journal that is published quarterly. It continues to be a resource for nephrology professionals and is indexed through CINAHL, MEDLINE and OVID databases.

* We are always looking for authors to publish articles in both French and English. For first-time authors, information on publishing is available on our website. You can also contact our Editor, Gillian Brunier, at

* This year's winner of the CANNT Journal Award was announced at our annual conference in October 2011.

* In order to be fiscally responsible, regional reports are no longer published in the journal but can now be found on the website instead.


* The website continues to grow and provide increased opportunities.

* Watch for posted career opportunities as well.

* New this year, we're excited and proud to provide to our membership three new forums for communication: Facebook, Twitter, and Refined Clinical Practice Group discussion forums.


* Communication continues to be a priority to the board of directors. We want the channels of communication to be open to all members, so keep using the toll-free number, as well as the CANNT website to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are very open to new ideas from our members regarding ways to improve our service, as well as ideas regarding nephrology activities.

* We have used email blasts to get information out to all members, as well as relying on our unit liaisons and regional VPs. Regional activities are posted online, so stay tuned.

* Last year we signed a professional relationship contract with the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA), similar to the contract that was established with the European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association (EDTNA) the previous year.

CANNT office operations

* The contract with our present con ference planner, Heather Reid, was renewed until 2015.

The Board has devised an evaluation tool for the conference planning committee to get feedback on how the experience was and how can we improve the process.

Standards of practice

* The Vascular Access Guidelines are under review at present by the Canadian Hemodialysis Access Coordinators. Patty Quinan has taken the lead on this endeavour.

Awards of excellence and bursaries

* Information on all awards and bursaries available through CANNT are found on the website, as well as in the CANNT Journal. The deadline for 2011 has passed and those being awarded will be notified and presented at the Calgary CANNT conference.

* I would encourage all members to apply for the available awards. There were awards not applied for in past years and it would be wonderful to hand them all out.

Nominations committee

*The call for nominations went out and information regarding elections was sent to members, as well as posted online. The new board of directors was announced in Calgary at our annual symposium.

Canadian Nurses Association (CNA)

* The numbers of nurses certified in nephrology grow yearly. There are now 1,103 nurses in Canada who are certified, up from 963 in 2005.1 think this speaks to the professionalism of all nephrology nurses. Congratulations to all of the nurses who achieved their certification this year.

* I presented a pre-symposium workshop on preparing for and writing the CNA exam. The presentation is also available to members on the CANNT website.

* As the CNA representative for CANNT, I have joined in on all teleconferences where nursing issues across specialties within Canada are discussed. It is a fabulous forum for the sharing of information and solutions. I was also asked to participate in a teleconference with CNA during which issues particular to nephrology nursing were discussed.

Nephrology Health Care Professionals Day: September 21,2011

* Each year we celebrate in a truly multidisciplinary fashion. CANNT organized and distributed posters to help each unit celebrate this wonderful day in partnership with the Canadian Association of Nephrology Social Workers (CANSW), Canadian Association of Nephrology Dietitians (CAND), the Renal Pharmacists Network (RPN) and, the Canadian Society of Nephrology (CSN).

* This year we held a competition inviting our membership to provide this year's theme, Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) (Travailler Ensemble pour Atteindre le Meilleur de soi). Thanks to all who participated.

* We will be sending out information and posters this year, as well. Think of new ways to celebrate our day and let us know at CANNT how you did this.

2011 Annual Symposium: October 20-22,20II, Calgary, Alberta

* The Calgary organizing committee planned a fantastic conference with topics to meet all needs. The theme was "Blazing New Trails."

The planning committee decided to continue with last year's format of a full day on the Thursday and dropping the half day Sunday. The board, with the membership's approval, decided in order to be fiscally responsible to our membership, due to location, not to have French translation. French translation will be provided next year. The need for translation will be reviewed on a yearly basis depending on where the annual symposium is being held. I would encourage all presenters to consider publishing in the CANNT Journal once they have presented.

It has been a very busy, but productive year for CANNT, and your CANNT board of directors continues to promote and develop CANNT as the voice of nephrology nursing in Canada.

CANNT is your organization and I would encourage you to give us your feedback, as well as possibly becoming involved with the board of directors.

By Rick Luscombe, RN, BN, CNeph(C), CANNT Past President
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