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Author: Sharan, Robin
Pub Date: 02/01/2012
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Full Text: In 1982 Drs. King and Petrakis published a study in the British Medical Journal. They discovered that women who move their bowels once or twice a week have four, yes, four, times the possibility of having breast cancer than women who move their bowels once or twice a day. The large intestine has 80% of our immune function tissue, and it is time to examine another perspective on disease, because the major paradigm is not working as well as most would like it to be.


My brother, mother, father died of cancer, all having been under the advice of the conventional routing. I went to a physician's assistant soon after all those years of family agony and the PA told me with a deprecating tone that I had very lumpy breast tissue. I was appalled and asked, "Well, what can I do about it?" She had walked away.

Ten years later I went to a "Health Expo" where I was told that I had a cholesterol count of 200. I explained that I was a vegetarian and that was impossible. They said, "No, you have a cholesterol count of 200." We went back and forth, and finally my denial disintegrated and I proclaimed, "OK, there will no longer be dairy in my diet!"

I stopped eating all dairy and eggs, so there were virtually no animal products on my plate and in less than three months, I had no more breast lumps, my cholesterol went down to 137, and all my congestion went away.

People come up to me and ask me if I ever cheat. I can't say that I have never been to a potluck where there might be a lurking egg or butter in a dish, though I eat the cleanest-looking plant-based food around because there is nothing in my life that is so beautiful as having empowered myself with knowledge to save my quality of life and my life savings. I have so far removed myself from being a walking time bomb with the accompanying fear that goes with that possible diagnosis of doom and gloom. Everybody dies; it's the ease and grace that count.

After I was told that I had a 137 cholesterol count; my naturopath explained that my cholesterol was too low and that is a concern because it also has some relation to having a propensity towards cancer.

I ate coconut butter. It is medium-chain saturated fat that has the same immune-boosting factor as human mother's milk and has been proved to prevent as well as heal Alzheimer's. I returned to the physician's office to be told that I have the perfect ratio of HDL to LDL with a cholesterol count of 180.

When you eat plants, you've already won the sweepstakes. Plants have fiber that sweeps the tract clean. Animal products clog the system and have an almost impossible task of really leaving the body clean. Just ask 1 of the 10 most sought-after surgeons on this planet, Dr. Shinya, inventor of the colonoscope and the snare cautery device. In his book The Enzyme Factor, of which he sold 2 million copies, he states that of all his patients, none have had a reoccurrence of cancer because he will only work with people who do as he requests. He prescribes a near-vegan diet and Kangen water (see And watch Dr. Shinya.

Again, it bears repeating that Dr. Shinya in his over 40 years as a gastroenterologist has never had a client have a return of cancer!

He purports that we are what we eat and we are what we don't eliminate.

Finally we are taking our power back in the form of voting with our dollars. Now, we realize that when we are united, collectively we are powerful. Transferring our money to small local banks makes sense. As illness is the number one cause for bankruptcy, the time has arrived to take back our power in relation to health. Eating more locally, knowing your farmer's practices, is imperative. Reading labels and dropping prepackaged food that has corn or soy, canola, cottonseed oil, and papaya is a given. Everything that has those ingredients is almost guaranteed to be genetically modified, which is known to be a powerful carcinogen, causing lesions in the stomachs of animals who eat that corn and soy and thus transferring that disease factor to the humans who eat a bit too high on the conventional food chain. Knowledge is power. Go ahead, take your power back; the time is now. Boycott Monsatan, the proud purveyor of Agent Orange, GMOs, Roundup, and DDT - oops! I meant Monsanto ... or did I?

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Robin Sharan, Director

The Annapurna Center for Self Healing
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