Workplace stress may be linked to mental health problems.
Article Type: Report
Subject: Mental illness (Risk factors)
Job stress (Influence)
Pub Date: 09/22/2008
Publication: Name: Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association Publisher: American Psychotherapy Association Audience: Academic; Professional Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Psychology and mental health Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2008 American Psychotherapy Association ISSN: 1535-4075
Issue: Date: Fall, 2008 Source Volume: 11 Source Issue: 3
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The workplace can certainly evoke mixed emotions and occasional stress. But can it lead to associated mental disorders?

A study led by Michael Hilton, PhD, from the University of Queensland, evaluated 60,500 full-time workers in Australia. The employees were instructed to complete a questionnaire, which inquired about their workplace emotions. A score of at least 13 on the 24-point scale indicated high psychological distress. Nearly 5 percent of the employees fell in this category, with another 9.6 percent presenting with moderate psychological distress.

Those employees working long hours were at greater risk of psychological stress, and those in sales positions were at the greatest risk. Employees going through marital trouble or those with low education also were at an elevated risk for stress in the workplace.

The results from the study may be used to help employers identify groups of workers at high risk for psychological distress and mental disorder. Although most employers are effectively providing physical health care, the ability to provide mental health care has been lacking.

"Employers need to focus health resources on a common, debilitating, largely untreated illness group that substantially reduces employee productivity at work, increases absences from work, and increases employee attrition," said Hilton.

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