Woordeboek vir die Gesondheidswetenskappe/Dictionary for the Health Sciences.
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Author: Maree, Marijke
Pub Date: 05/01/2011
Publication: Name: South African Medical Journal Publisher: South African Medical Association Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2011 South African Medical Association ISSN: 0256-9574
Issue: Date: May, 2011 Source Volume: 101 Source Issue: 5
Topic: NamedWork: Woordeboek vir die Gesondheidswetenskappe/Dictionary for the Health Sciences (Nonfiction work)
Persons: Reviewee: Brink, A J; Lochner, J de V
Accession Number: 257352911
Full Text: Woordeboek vir die Gesondheidswetenskappe/Dictionary for the Health Sciences

By A J Brink and J de V Lochner. Pp. xxii + 1190. R550.00 (hardcover). Pharos Publishers. 2011. ISBN 978-1-86890-113-5.

The first edition of the Woordeboek van Afrikaanse Geneeskundeterme appeared in 1979, and has seen 8 reprints. The phenomenal increase in knowledge over the past 30 years necessitated a revision--hence this updated, extended, explanatory and bilingual Woordeboek vir die Gesondheidswetenskappe/Dictionary for the Health Sciences. This edition was revised under the supervision of Professor J de V Lochner (Stellenbosch University), with the assistance of at least 30 experts over the entire spectrum of the various medical disciplines.

A number of the fundamental sciences, e.g. medical physiology, genetics and pharmacology, were almost unrecognisably modernised, while others were almost completely transformed over the past three decades. The principles of medical ethics have also changed extensively, while biostatistical and epidemiological considerations are commonly applied in medical practice and research. The applied health sciences, e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and audiology, as well as nursing science, have also enlarged their nomenclature.

These new terms have all been included in the Dictionary, which consists of two parts. Part I is translational and descriptive (Afrikaans--English) with Afrikaans explanations. Where necessary the Greek or Latin origin of a word is given, or biographical detail if a word is related to a person. In Part II the English--Afrikaans does not merely reflect translations of word lists, but also includes synonyms or short explanations in Afrikaans. To enhance user-friendliness, thousands of comprehensible Afrikaans synonyms and even short phrases have been added.

This new edition updates and expands a valuable and cultural treasure. It contains about 10 000 more entries than the previous edition, and about 8 000 terms are re-defined.

The Dictionary is invaluable to under- and postgraduate students, all practitioners of health sciences, translators, language practitioners and journalists, both English and Afrikaans.
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