Why you should attend the 2011 NABT Professional Development Conference.
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Author: Ward, Daniel
Pub Date: 09/01/2011
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I strongly believe that educators should take advantage of as many professional development opportunities as they can. Throughout the year, numerous opportunities are available. Many are offered via the Internet, some are one-time local events, while others are statewide and national events. Each opportunity has something special to offer in terms of cost and benefit.

If you have never attended an NABT Professional Development Conference, I can understand why you might be be reluctant to justify spending that kind of money, especially in today's economy in which educational funding cuts are commonplace. As your NABT president, I want to assure you that the 4-day conference in Anaheim, California, features renowned speakers, hands-on workshops, informational sessions, and special events that will help you teach biology in the 21st century and grow as a biology educator.

Inspiration is what pushes us to be the best possible biology educators we can be, and attending the 2011 NABT Professional Development Conference will leave you inspired. Whether it is through invited speakers who will talk about the changes in biology curriculum at all levels (such as Thomas Keller, who will speak on The Conceptual Framework for New Science Education Standards), session presenters like Gerald Vargas (Achieving High Biology Test Scores and Motivation in Urban Schools) and Cheston Saunders (Reaching Every Student in the Digital Age), or just someone you might interact with in the exhibit hall, there are countless inspirational stories waiting to be heard.

The 2011 Professional Development Conference is where you will find the "rock stars" of biology. You can catch the premiere of the HHMI film The Making of the Fittest with Sean Carroll. You can hear Neil Shubin (Your Inner Fish) speak at the BELS Banquet or Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education deliver a timely keynote presentation (Deja vu All Over Again: Denialism of Climate Change and Evolution).

You will also get the latest updates in biological knowledge and cutting-edge research at the 2011 Professional Development Conference. You can attend special events like the AIBS/NESCENT Evolution Symposium, Changing Humans in a Changing Environment, to learn the latest thoughts on the relationship between the ecological forces that shaped the traits that make us human and human actions that are changing the environment we live in. Attending sessions from partners like APS, ASM, BSCS, and HHMI will give you the accurate and up-to-the minute information to teach about a variety of topics.

All of the sessions, workshops, and events are complemented by the exceptional networking opportunities at the Professional Development Conference. There are plenty of people you will meet from across the United States and Canada who can help you become a better biology educator. Remember, it takes at least two meaningful interactions with a person for him or her to remember you. You can either find those people again during the conference or get their e-mail and drop them a short note saying how great it was to meet them after the conference is over. This small effort will develop personal relationships that will last a lifetime and result in your growth as an effective and efficient biology educator.

Attending the NABT Professional Development Conference is one of the best investments you can make to become a better biology educator. I encourage each of you to find a way to attend this exciting event. You will be inspired, informed, and connected. While you are there, be sure to say hello to me at least twice!

I look forward to seeing you in Anaheim between October 12th and 15th.

DOI: 10.1525/abt.2011.73.7.1

Dan Ward

NABT President-2011
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