Who Could We Ask? The Gestalt Therapy of Michael Kriegsfeld.
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Pub Date: 12/22/2008
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Issue: Date: Winter, 2008 Source Volume: 11 Source Issue: 4
Topic: NamedWork: Who Could We Ask? The Gestalt Therapy of Michael Kriegsfeld (Nonfiction work)
Persons: Reviewee: Kassan, Lee
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Full Text: Who Could We Ask? The Gestalt Therapy of Michael Kriegsfeld

by Lee Kassan


Gestalt therapy focuses on conflicts between aspects of the self and the attempt by patients to avoid responsibility for their choices and behavior. When leading Gestalt therapist Michael Kriegsfeld died suddenly in 1992, he left behind numerous hours of videotaped group therapy work. Through excerpts from the tapes, author Lee Kassan provides examples of Kriegsfeld's methods that will be of use to every therapist regardless of his or her field or theoretical orientation. The use of illustrations and verbatim transcripts give a unique, in-depth look at the foundational practice of Gestalt therapy.

Divided into five main parts, Kassan explains the differences between the Gestalt model and the medical model that is widely used by therapists today. Theory explains the theoretical underpinnings of Kriegsfeld's approach and methods; Technique describes and explains the specific strategies and techniques he used; Resistance describes his ways of dealing with the many varieties of patient resistance; The Man Himself delievers a revealing, personal portrait; and Long Excerpts show the various techniques as they are used in the give and take of an actual session.

Who Could We Ask? is an easy-to-understand reference and its concepts accessible to a large readership. Taking a rare glimpse of a master therapist at work, this informative and intimate book will change the way every therapist thinks about and approaches his or her patients.

Lee Kassan received his MA in psychology from the New School for Social Research in 1978 and is a fellow of the American Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. He is a licensed psychoanalyst, licensed mental health counselor, and certified group psychotherapist in private practice in New York City as well as a Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association.
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