Was Alice lost in mercury wonderland?
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Author: Minkoff, David I.
Pub Date: 02/01/2012
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Full Text: "I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I am not myself."

- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Mercury is the most toxic nonradioactive element on earth. A single filling containing 1/2 gram of mercury in a 10-acre lake would warrant an EPA fish advisory for that lake. With the typical adult having as many as 10 fillings, the mercury vapor off-gassing represents a total of 150 micrograms a day of direct mercury vapor into the palate, cranial nerves, olfactory mucosa, and GI tract. The neuronal protein tubulin is denatured at only 1 mcg concentrations of mercury.

Because of these effects on neuronal health, the manifestations of mercury toxicity are protean. They include, like poor Alice, "not feeling oneself" and:

* insomnia

* paresthesias (numbness and tingling)

* nervousness

* hallucinations

* dizziness

* headaches

* anxiety

* fatigue

* loss of self-confidence

* muscle weakness

* irritability

* hearing difficulties

* drowsiness

* emotional stress

* depression

* skin inflammation

* weight loss

* lack of coordination

* tremors

* kidney damage

My first experience with mercury toxicity was with my own wife in 1995. Those were the dark ages of mercury knowledge, as hardly anyone knew anything about it, nor was it ever considered on a differential diagnosis list. Here she was, a champion-level triathlete, with many podium finishes, at 45 years old, with what looked like acute MS after having her mercury fillings removed by a well-intentioned but clueless dentist. She presented with unilateral deltoid and gluteal weakness, fatigue, thyroid pain and swelling, and a large spike in thyroid autoantibodies.

It was my good fortune to meet a biological dentist, Dr. Ray Behm, who graciously give me my first lesson in Mercury 101. From there, my education began and my wife fully recovered with the newfound therapies that I learned. When others noticed what had happened, we were flooded with patients who had all varieties of autoimmune illness, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular disease, and cancer - and all of whom were full of heavy metals. In our experience with thousands of successful patient outcomes, we developed a protocol that would get people detoxing safely and feeling well. It is my purpose here to share with you the basic approach to heavy metal detoxification that we have used over these many years in the hope that it will help you and your patients.

In the vast majority of patients, we are not dealing with an acute toxic insult with mercury, but a long-term accumulation of heavy metals and other environmental toxins. When we first started working with these patients, our goal was to detox people as fast as we could. I no longer think that this is a good strategy. "Healing crisis" means that the body is overwhelmed and the process is going too fast. More is being mobilized than can be easily excreted. One should not bull through it, but cut back the gradient to where the patient is again feeling well. The detox process is a long, slow go. In fact, most of the leaders in the field will agree that, given our current environment, it's a lifelong activity. That is my own view and what I do personally.

Mercury is never an isolated toxin. In toxicology, when a second toxin is added to one already present, the toxic effect on the body is not just the additive effect of toxin one plus toxin two, but often an exponential effect, which may be 50 or 100 times just the one alone.

A typical daily exposure could be mercury (fillings, fish, vaccines) + cadmium (secondhand cigarette smoke) + PCBs and dioxins (chemicals found in plants and animals) -4-DDT + malathion (pesticides found in meats and poultry and produce)+ arsenic (droplets from the neighbors' herbicide or chicken) + weed killer (from your lawn treatment) + drugs like Tylenol + Lipitor, plus antimony from flame retardants, plus petroleum products from gas fumes, plus aluminum from cooking utensils, plus, plus, plus. Over time, this increasing load poisons us into sickness. No wonder so many people are ill, with soaring rates of autism, ADHD, cancer, obesity, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

We have patients fill out a symptom survey sheet when we suspect heavy metal toxicity. You can see that at www.bodyhealth.com/metal-free/testing.asp. Our experience is that if people have more than 7 of these symptoms, they are likely to have high levels of mercury or lead or another combination of heavy metals.

We then use a complete physical exam, autonomic reflex testing, and EAV (electroacupuncture according to Voll) screening to make a suspected diagnosis. We look at RBC (red blood cell) minerals for heavy metals, and hair analysis, to confirm elevated levels of metals.

In my experience, it is fatal to diagnose heavy metal toxicity in patients and proceed to detox them without careful attention to some basic body processes and nutrients. The stress on the body of a heavy metal detox, especially in a sick patient, is akin to prepping someone for surgery. Before an elective procedure, you would always get the patient in as good as shape as you can. So here is what I look at:

1. Bowel health. No constipation. At least 1 to 2 easy bowel movements per day. If bloating, heartburn, or other symptoms, use digestive enzymes, probiotics, HCL, and so on, as needed. This is basically Dr. Jeffrey Bland's 4R Program: remove, replace, reinoculate, repair.

2. Diet: Paleo. This is very important! It should be as much as possible from organic produce; free-range and hormone- and antibiotic-free meats and eggs; and pure water, with avoidance of sugar, grains, refined carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, trans-fats, and "fast food." Packaged foods and processed meats contain toxic additives that only add to the overall burden.

3. We put every patient on Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP), 10 tablets once daily. This supplement supports protein synthesis better than any other food or supplement. This greatly enhances and speeds up the detox process and allows for restoration of leaking gut and blood-brain membranes and maximizes enzyme synthesis for all other tissues, which allows the patient to be anabolic.

4. Check for anemia, liver, and kidney function and mineral deficiencies. This would be a CBC (complete blood count), SMA 25, and RBC mineral test from Metametrix Labs. If the patient can afford it, do a full ION (Individual Optimal Nutrition) Panel.

5. Evaluate hormones. We usually do a full thyroid hormone panel and ZRT saliva panel. Correct the hormones to physiologic levels.

6. Check for infection. We use autonomic reflex testing to look for mycoplasma, chlamydia, tuberculosis, Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, Lyme disease, Candida, and so on, and treat as needed with natural remedies and/or homeopathics.

7. Full dental checkup by a biological dentist to evaluate for dead teeth, root canals, gingivitis, and amalgams.

8. Check on their diet to make sure that they are getting essential fats.

9. Are they exercising? Some form of physical exercise such as walking, rebounding, and stretching, with deep-breathing exercises to overcome stagnation in the tissues and lymph system, to get the sweat glands working, and the lungs exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide. Even with sick patients, this can be done gently to facilitate healing.

10. We check all patients for allergy to heavy metals and treat using allergy elimination if they are present.

11. Use ART (Autonomic Response Testing) to check for "foci" that block autonomic regulation like scars and correct with procaine injections, wheat germ oil massage, or laser.

12. If autoimmune is diagnosed with ART, correct with autohemotherapy.

The best detox is a slow one. If you are feeling sicker, you are going too fast. Make sure that the above points have been carefully looked into, because if they are not handled, the process will be difficult.

Pre-Mercury-Removal Supplementation Program

No matter how careful the dentist is in removing dental amalgams, the patient will get a mercury load. To ensure that the body is set up to handle this toxic load, we "premedicate" the patient as a protective measure.

Two Weeks Before Mercury Removal

Begin diet as described in point 2 above.

0. Patient must be having at least one bowel movement per day. BodyHealth Intestinal Cleanse is a gentle bowel toner that restores the body's ability to have more normal stools.

1. Drink 1/2 oz of filtered water per pound of body weight.

2. Take or do the following and continue it through the detox:

A. BodyHealth Complete + Detox 2 twice daily as multivitamin/multimineral/antioxidant/liverdetox support.

B. MAP 10 daily 30 minutes before food.

C. High-quality fish oil 3000 mg daily.

D. Nanogreens 1 scoop daily

E. Iodine 6 mg daily

F. Metal Free 1-8 sprays daily to tolerance

G. Magnesium to bowel tolerance

H. ReadiSorb glutathione 400 mg twice daily

I. Chlorella 5 tablets t.i.d.

J. Remove all electronic items from the bedroom and use shades to ensure that it is very dark. Use sleep aids as needed such as melatonin, 5 HTP, or GABA precursors. An Earthing Pad is recommended.

K. Infra-red sauna is recommended for 30 minutes daily. This helps to remove not only the heavy metals but also the chemicals and pesticide toxins in the body.

One Day Before Mercury Removal

1. Take chlorella 20 capsules.

2. Do not take any vitamin C on the day of the amalgam removal. It greatly increases the amount of local anesthesia (Novocain) necessary to numb the area.

On Day of Removal

1. Take chlorella 20 capsules right before procedure followed by 8 sprays Metal Free.

2. Once mercury is out, open 2 capsules of chlorella and put directly in mouth, swish, and spit out.

3. Brush teeth, and repeat rinse and spit.

4. After new filling in, repeat rinse and spit with chlorella

5. Take 20 more capsules of chlorella

6. Solidago 10 drops 3 times/day for 7 days to increase urine flow.

7. Do colon hydrotherapy as soon as possible.

Dentist should remove all mercury amalgams within 10 days of starting, or repeat sessions every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent the body from boosting its immune response to the released mercury.

Hair Analysis to Follow Heavy Metal Detox

The easiest and most cost-effective way of following the detox objectively is to run a hair analysis at the beginning of the treatment. You will find one of two situations: Either the levels of one or more toxic metals are high, meaning that the body is doing its best to unload them and should be supported in doing so, or the levels are low (often the case in the sicker patients), meaning that they have autonomic or nutritional blocks to getting rid of the metals. These patients need the most support. With the program as outlined, you will see the levels of toxic metals in the hair increase nicely until they peak and then start coming down.

The usual procedure is to do a hair analysis at the beginning of the detox and repeat the test every 2 to 3 months and follow the progress. One should continue the detox until the hair levels are normal and the patient is feeling well. The symptom survey can be redone to follow this.


This protocol is doable for most patients. It is simple and not overly costly. Most patients will need to run it for 6 to 18 months, depending on their load. Children run faster.

Metal Free is a very effective heavy metal chelator. It also removes aluminum and uranium. Dosing is best started at 1 spray daily and gradually increased to 8 sprays a day. If you measure stool heavy metal levels, they will soar with Metal Free treatment.

We check patients in the office monthly to follow them and keep them doing the program. Sometimes new viruses, parasites, or other infections show up, and we add treatments to cover these. It works very well, and patients will get great results if they do it to completion.

David I. Minkoff, MD

Lifeworks Wellness Center

Clearwater, Florida

by David I. Minkoff, MD
Gale Copyright: Copyright 2012 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.