Warnings for the over 40s.
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Subject: Women (Health aspects)
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Author: Moore, Judy
Pub Date: 05/01/2011
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Full Text: The theme "Hot and Savvy" was apt for the women's health section annual conference, held in Blenheim in March. Not only were the speakers "hot" but so was the conference organisation. Having an entertaining, well organised MC, Nick Tansley, enabled the organisers to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labours. It was also amusing to see him squirm a little at some of the programme content!

The more than 100 delegates were definitely made "savvy" by the range of informative and entertaining speakers, and through the bonding and sharing of experiences and information outside the formal sessions.

The conference logo was "Woman", the eye-catching and thought-provoking art work created by ceramic artist Fran Maguire from Marlborough. This represented seed pods, genetic boats, wombs, sperm, ova, balls, seeds. The longer you contemplated the logo, the more you could read into it.

The first-time Obex presenter award was won by Dunedin nurse and sex educator Alison Stewart-Piere. The title of her paper was "Still hot but not so savvy--sexual health peri- and post-menopause." She argued that young people were having safer sex than the over-4Os, who were contracting sexually transmitted diseases at record rates in New Zealand and around the world. Figures from the Institute of Environmental Science and Research confirmed a 193 percent increase in syphilis in the five years to 2009, with the highest numbers in the over-40 age group. She advised a sexual health check for any couple entering a new relationship.

At last there was more than one entry for the women's health section poster prize. Con graduations to Julie Houlton from Christchurch Women's Hospital for her work in early pregnancy assessment.


Other highlights included Wanaka GP Lucy O'Hagan, who spoke on the effects of childhood trauma on adults, and nutritionist Libby Weaver who discussed the link between weight and the menopause. Christchurch nurse Andrea Lord, a nurse specialist in incontinence, had us in stitches over her descriptions of women and incontinence. She was an informative as well as entertaining presenter.

President of the Australian Women's Health Nurse Association, Linda Oliver, was most impressed by the numbers attending the conference and the work the section is doing. Having Linda speak at our conference helped strengthen our links with our Australian neighbours.

The conference dinner was held at the Montana Brancott Winery, a perfect setting. Live music was provided by 60s' pop duo "The Likely Lads" (including Nick Tansley) who didn't take a break in the three hours they played.

A big thank you to the conference organisers Wendy Diack, Dianna Morrison and Caroline Eagle for a great event.

Report by section chair Judy Moore
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