A Villanelle for Lina Bryans Australian Artist 1901-2000.
Article Type: Poem
Subject: Australian painters (Portrayals)
Australian painters (Criticism and interpretation)
Australian painting (Portrayals)
Australian painting (Criticism and interpretation)
Author: Cerne, Helen
Pub Date: 05/01/2011
Publication: Name: Hecate Publisher: Hecate Press Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Women's issues/gender studies Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2011 Hecate Press ISSN: 0311-4198
Issue: Date: May, 2011 Source Volume: 37 Source Issue: 1
Topic: NamedWork: A Villanelle for Lina Bryans Australian Artist 1901-2000 (Poem)
Persons: Named Person: Bryans, Lina; Bryans, Lina
Geographic: Geographic Scope: Australia Geographic Code: 8AUST Australia
Accession Number: 268220758
Full Text:
Although out of sight in cold off site gallery storage your bright
colours burn me.
 I see your blazing strong landscapes, portraits, still lifes although
out of sight.
The reds and mauve highlights the vivid gold gash sunlight your bright
colours stun me.
I can smell striking seascape feel bush writhing bluegreen although out
of sight.
A face glows with radiance-- the portrait's warm from within your
bright colours stir me.
Only one work hangs at NGV the others all in darkness-- But off site out
of sight your bright colours blind me.
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