Urgent notice to members in MidCentral and Capital & Coast District Health Boards.
Subject: Health boards (Powers and duties)
Leaves of absence (Laws, regulations and rules)
Author: Olsthoorn, Lyn
Pub Date: 08/01/2011
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Full Text: Clause 13.2 of the NZNO/District Health Board (DHB) Multi-Employer Collective Agreement sets out the rules for accrual of shift leave. For several years, part-time workers ar MidCentral and Capital & Coast DHBs have nad their allocation incorrectly reduced. Full-time staff have received the correct calculation of leave. NZNO and DHB representatives have met and agreed on the correct application, along with a process for remedying the incorrect application, for all shift leave granted after January 1, 2007.

Depending on part-time workers' contracted hours and number of qualifying shifts worked, the DHBs' error may mean they have missed out on between hall a day and three days' (in a rare case four days) shift leave per annum.

NZNO is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached to sort out this error retrospectively to January 1, 2007 and up to August 1, 2011. Current employees should have received information about the solution to this issue from their delegates. If you are a current employee of MidCentral or Capital & Coast DHB and have not received this information, contact your delegate or organiser.

Former part-time employees of MidCentral or Capital & Coast DHBs who qualified for shift leave after January 1, 2007, may also claim a payment equivalent to their applicable hourly rate, plus a loading for penal rates and inconvenience, for each hour incorrectly deducted from their shift leave. The number of hours paid will depend on the length of shifts worked.

To claim, former employees need to write to NZNO by September 30, 2011 with details of service at the DHB (include starting and finishing dates and contracted hours throughout the qualifying period), membership number and current bank account details.

Former Capital & Coast DHB employees should write to NZNO Regional Office, Wellington, PO Box 2128, Wellington, 6140 (attention Jeff Sissons) or email jeffs@nzno.org.nz.

Former MidCentral DHB employees should write to NZNO Regional Office, Palmerston North, PO Box 1642, Palmerston North, 4440 (attention Donna Ryan) or email donnar@nzno.org.nz).

NZNO will submit these applications on behalf of members to the DHBs on October 1, 2011. The DHBs will review the applications and, if accepted, will pay the money owed into members' bank accounts. If you are aware that a nursing colleague, family member or friend may qualify for this payment, please draw their attention to this notice.

Lyn Olsthoorn, co-ordinating organiser, Central region
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