Update on safe staffing healthy workplaces unit.
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Pub Date: 06/01/2010
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The Nurse Executives of New Zealand (NENZ) consensus workshop: NENZ hosted a consensus workshop with 54 nurse leaders in Wellington recently. The primary purpose was to establish a process for on-going collaborative decisionmaking on key issues to nursing. The three topics for discussion were the registered nurse (RN) scope of practice, the future workforce and the contribution of nursing to health. A consensus statement was sent to Nursing Council on the RN scope of practice. Attendees also agreed on key messages in relation to Clinical Training Agency funding and the need to break down barriers between primary and secondary services, and reframe the health service as holistic and integrated.

Council of Trade Unions CTU): From time to time, NZNO is invited to add its Logo to campaign resources developed by CTU affiliate unions. The board gave chief executive Geoff Annals the authority to authorise the use of our Logo on CTU campaigns where these are consistent with NZNO membership goals.

CTU president Helen Kelly and CTU economist Bill Rosenberg joined the board to discuss the CTU and its plans for a national organising strategy called "Together". This would promote freedom of association and the right to collectivism, with the aim of giving all workers easy access to joining a union. They also discussed the spending cap on election and referendum campaigning and the alternative economic strategy being developed by the CTU. See http://union.org.nz/ policy/ctu-alternative-economic-strategy.

Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces Unit (SSHW): Unit director Jane Lawless gave a presentation on the unit's work and sought feedback on its future direction. $1.2 million has been invested in the project, which is due to end in August. The seven SSHW elements should be evident in all health workplaces and apply to all employees, Lawless said. NZNO industrial adviser Glenda Alexander said the unit needed to complete its work on the systems, tools and resources, including the specifications and regulations for care capacity management. This is so the agreement established as part of the district health boards' national terms of settlement can be implemented. The board decided NZNO should support the continuation of the unit after August.

It requested a plan for completing the tools in six months and implementing care capacity management over 12 months. Care capacity management is the process for ensuring the demand for service placed on an organisation can be met within a context of quality patient care, a quality work environment, and fiscal and procedural efficiency.

The board also discussed alternatives should the current approach fail to deliver its intended objectives. Campaigning for legislated staffing minimums was considered.


Environmental scan: The board discussed three main issues: nursing students' issues, including adequate placements and clinical supervision; lack of member engagement and how to improve membership participation; and health and safety.

Joint hui: The board looks forward to its joint meeting with te poari o Te Runanga this month. Having both governance groups meeting together is an organisational first. It demonstrates partnership in practice, exhibiting NZNO's commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi in all aspects of organisational practice.

Audit and Risk Committee: A curriculum vitae of a possible independent adviser to the committee is being considered and will be confirmed before the next meeting. The previous risk report will be reviewed. Training for committee members will be identified and guided by business services manager Kevin O'Neill.

Job descriptions: Job descriptions for the roles of president, vice president and directors, prepared by a working party, were adopted. See www.nzno.org.nz/about_us/governance.

Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Committee (NMAC): NMAC submitted a meeting procedures document, which will be reviewed further. NMAC's terms of reference and position descriptions were presented for endorsement. Some amendments are required and the document will be re-presented.

2009 membership satisfaction survey: A membership satisfaction survey was undertaken in Late 2009. A high level of satisfaction with NZNO services was reported. Responses provided valuable information for NZNO as it continues to develop and improve services. A quality improvement plan has been developed to address key issues, particularly in relation to a communication system that ensures timely contact/responses for member enquiries. A membership survey will be carried out three-yearly.

Constitution update: The review group gave a quick update on the consultation process for the new draft NZNO constitution. Feedback is starting to come in via the structures@nzno. org.nz email address, which is great! The review group plans to follow up and ensure presentations on the draft constitution are offered to national sections, colleges and the National Student Unit during their executive meetings. Once this consultation round finishes, the feedback will be collated and changes made to the constitution.

Application for a reduced subscription: The board approved a set of guidelines, proposed by Annals, for deciding on applications from members for a reduced fee, due to individual hardship.

Introduction of new Te Runanga tohu: Te Runanga kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku reported on the addition of the words "Ko tfku manawa ko tau manawa", meaning "From my heart to your heart", surrounding the Te Runanga tohu.


Enrolled nurse (EN) title: The board was excited to hear that Nursing Council has approved the new EN standards for education and competencies at diploma Level 5. These, along with the EN title and revised scope of practice, will be gazetted shortly.

National sections and colleges: The board discussed the proposed strategic framework for the future development of speciality interest groups. This ensures future development is strategic, sustainable and serves the interests of all members. The framework was adopted. Rule changes were endorsed for the Perioperative Nurses' College.


South Pacific Nurses" Forum planning committee: NZNO is excited to be hosting the forum in Auckland from November 8-11. The Last time NZNO hosted the forum was in 1992. A Logo has been designed and will be Launched at the forum. Prime Minister 3ohn Key will be invited to address the forum. Full details are available on the NZNO website, together with the registration form.
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