The United States of Africa.
Article Type: Poem
Author: Johnson-Redd, Larry Ukali
Pub Date: 11/01/2010
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Issue: Date: Nov, 2010 Source Volume: 4 Source Issue: 1
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Full Text: Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd ( has a B.A. in Political Science and Ethnic Studies (University of San Francisco), a M.P.A. (Golden Gate University), an administrative credential, and a M.A. in Educational Administration (San Francisco State University). He is also the author of The Black Expatriate in Africa (1982), Journey to the Motherland: From San Francisco to Benin City (2002), History to Destiny Through Afrocentric Poetry (2003), Loving Black Women (2006), and Long Distance Love (2010), an autobiographical love story about a struggling writer-school administrator who travels to Nigeria after a 24 year absence.

In the context of Long Distance Love this poet, writer and school administrator sits in his principal or site leader's office and dreams about returning to Nigeria and writing a new novel. A good Nigerian friend then decides to introduce him to his niece in Lagos, Nigeria. The relationship blossoms online, through the telephones and through letters. Ukali travels to Nigeria for the first time in 24 years to meet his lovely fiance to be. While he waits and goes through the finance visa process, he writes some of the most beautiful poetry ever written while professing his love to Ese. Ese is younger than Ukali. Eventually a visa is given after 4 years and his young fiance arrives, only to get cold feet and returns to Nigeria.

While in Nigeria Ukali flies to his beloved Benin City and upcountry to a village called Ubiaja in Edo State in Nigeria, 80 miles up country where he runs into twin politician friends whom he had not seen for 24 years. What a friend's reunion! How do you think this story ends? One will need to read to the conclusion to see how this autobiographical love story of an African-American and a Nigerian unfolds. The book and other resources by the author can be accessed at: athrdpsr1?encoding=UTF8& search-alias=digital-text&field-author=Larry% 20Ukali%20Johnson-Redd page/videos/ index.html?profile id=39945499&profile name= Ukal2003&user id=39945499&username=Ukal2003 larryuklaijohnsonreddtable.htm
The United States of Africa

   The Unification
   Of a strong Black nation
   made up of all continental African states
   Is empowerment for liberation

   Marcus Garvey and
   Kwame Nkrumah
   Put it on the table
   Africa needs growth that is stable

   The beginning of the end
   of White Supremacy
   And the release of
   New positive African energy

   Empowered by our own unity
   Ending feelings of Black inferiority
   Africa sings a unity song
   Unite and make Africa strong

   Somalia are you ready
   North and South Sudan
   Ethiopia and Zimbabwe
   Africa Unite today

   So get it together
   In our mind
   You will find
   Empowerment for our kind

   Unity that is homegrown
   Greater than the world has known
   Africa uniting on its own
   To make Africa strong

   Unite African states
   Empower the African people not the snakes
   Follow authentic Africans
   Ignore the African fakes

   Though the time
   has come
   We have to
   convince some

   Nigeria are you ready
   South Africa are you steady
   Calling on Ghana, Kenya and the Congo
   Unite so Africa will be free

   Mali, Ivory Coast
   And Senegal
   Can you hear the call

   Equatorial Guinea, Bissau
   and Guinea Conakry
   Can you
   feel me

   What about Libya
   and Namibia
   and Tunisia

   Angola and Madagascar
   Tanzania, Zambia and Gambia
   Will you come together?
   To empower Africa forever?

   Together we will
   end the poverty
   Empowerment must emerge
   The product from the African entity

   More trade with
   Each other
   One currency in unity
   United my sister and my brother

   More cultural exchanges
   As we unite in many stages
   More Black People More Black Land
   Empowerment and respect the African

   All Continental African nations
   All African locations
   From the islands to the mainland
   African women and the African man

   Unite our motherland
   Empower our African destiny
   Unite continental African nations
   As an African Federal State entity

   African brothers and sisters
   Hear this call
   United we stand
   Divided we fall
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