Suffragette Kate Sheppard, supports MMP.
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Pub Date: 10/01/2011
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Full Text: Suffragette Kate Sheppard, (aka mixed member proportional (MMP) campaigner Elinor Chisholm), made a guest appearance at a gathering to mark Suffrage Day on September 19. "What Would Kate Vote? was jointly hosted by the Pay Equity and MMP Coalitions to promote awareness of MMP and celebrate the anniversary of women's suffrage in New Zealand. Kate told the 100 people at the gathering she was very alarmed that the Parliamentary voting system [MMP] that had brought all these women into Parliament was under attack again. "I have come to wish you my very best support and I am absolutely sure you will triumph again. New Zealand women have a proud history of fighting for our women's rights and it's up to us again. We can never relax--the struggle is never over."

MMP campaign spokesperson Sandra Grey (above, right) said MNP was the fairest voting system on offer this referendum, a system where everyone's vote counted equally. "We have seen greater numbers of women, and representatives of more ethnic groups under MMP," she said.


New Zealand's decision in 1993 to back MMP was a good one for women. "Kate Sheppard and others fought for the vote because they believed women had a right to political equality. On Suffrage Day, we should remember that effort, and commit to making sure we don't take a step backwards by letting go our MMP system."
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