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Author: Broyles, Jennifer
Pub Date: 05/01/2012
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Full Text: This year at our Annual Session in San Francisco, we will be having a Student Forum for the second time. We are really excited about getting more students involved and having events that interest them. At the Student Forum, we will have a speaker on resume writing and also information on interviewing skills. The forum is a great chance to meet students from across the country to talk about what school has been like for them as well as the different things one learns about and what one needs to know in different states. Some states might not need licensing while others might, so it's always a great thing to learn about what other students do.

It's also a great way to network and learn what other SADAA chapters are doing and get ideas from other students. We will also have a round table discussion on what students might want out of membership and what you would like to see the ADAA doing. Our students are the future of the ADAA and we really want to hear from them and see them getting involved and help them in any way we can.

During the roundtable discussion, students will also have an opportunity to meet with ADAA members already in the field--you can have the chance to ask them questions and get a feel for what membership in ADAA is like, as well as an idea of what occurs in the field of dental assisting. At the Student Forum, you will learn ways to get involved with the ADAA. For example, you can start SADAA chapters at your schools. It's a great way to start involvement with the ADAA.

Another way to be involved in ADAA is to apply to be on the Council of Student Relations. The council consists of five student members and two educators who collaborate on ideas that are of interest and importance to students. The council recently talked about what we would like to see on the Student Page of the ADAA website and we are working to make it the best it can be for students who want to find out more about dental assisting and ADAA, or to see what other students are doing across the country.

When you are a member of a SADAA chapter or a member on the Council on Student Relations, you are then qualified to apply for the Student Trustee position. As Student Trustee, you do have many responsibilities, but it is also a great experience and a lot of fun.

So if you will be at the Annual Session this year in San Francisco, don't forget to register for the Student Forum. Come to learn resume writing techniques, hear good advice about interviewing techniques and meet with other ADAA student members from around the country. We also want to hear from you about what you want out of your memberships! It will be a great time with goodie bags and a special door prize. If you are on Facebook, look for us on the ADAA Students page; there is also a group where you can chat with other student members, also called ADAA Students. Hope to see you in San Francisco!

Council on Student Relations

The Council on Student Relations is a group of students and educators who work together on programs and projects that are of interest to students and assistants who are new to the dental field and their careers. The Statement of Purpose for the council is to establish and implement policies and procedures that will promote and enhance all services to the student membership. To apply for the council, one must to be an ADAA student member within 12 months of graduation either prior or after. An ADAA student member need not be a member of a SADAA Chapter to apply. Application deadline; s June 30, 2012. Please go online to Details/Trustee OfficerForms for more information or to apply.

(Editor's Note: For more on the Student Forum, see the Annual Session Update on pages 16-17).

by Jennifer Broyles, Student Trustee
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