A Street Named Rashidah Muhammad.
Article Type: Poem
Author: X, Marvin
Pub Date: 12/01/2010
Publication: Name: Journal of Pan African Studies Publisher: Journal of Pan African Studies Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Social sciences Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2010 Journal of Pan African Studies ISSN: 0888-6601
Issue: Date: Dec, 2010 Source Volume: 4 Source Issue: 2
Accession Number: 306754427
Full Text: --Marvin X 3/19/10
A Street Named Rashidah Muhammad

   There is a street in Oakland
   nobody knows
   hardly sees
   they pass it going downtown on 20th Street/Tom Berkley Way (A Black
   Rashidah intersecting Tom Berkley
   how nice
   a black man's street intersecting a black woman's street
   how nice
   but who knows this Rashidah Muhammad
   how many women or men or children
   black or white, Muslim, Christian
   but there it is
   Rashidah Muhammad Street
   named for a little warrior woman
   midwife community organizer mother wife lover
   who fought and killed her white rapist
   down south and survived
   police beatings and prison
   The Uhuru Movement pushed her case nationwide
   Free Dessie X
   Free Dessie X
   Uhuru! Uhuru!
   Salaam Rashidah Muhammad Salaam.
   We love you.
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