Stop Worrying About Your Health! How to Quit Obsessing About Symptoms and Feel Better Now.
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Pub Date: 12/22/2009
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Issue: Date: Winter, 2009 Source Volume: 12 Source Issue: 4
Topic: NamedWork: Stop Worrying About Your Health! How to Quit Obsessing About Symptoms and Feel Better Now (Nonfiction work)
Persons: Reviewee: Zgourides, George D.
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Everyone has felt the need to scratch when a friend reveals a rash, but for some of us, unfounded concerns about potential illness can take over our lives. If you are one of the millions of people plagued by irrational thoughts about minor physical symptoms and remain certain that there is something wrong with you despite a doctor's repeated assurances to the contrary, then you know what it's like to live with health anxiety.

"All of us endure minor ailments, and most of us ignore them," Dr. Zgourides writes. "However, for people with health anxiety syndrome, even little symptoms take on larger-than-life meaning. A headache following a long day at work means a brain tumor. Soreness after exercise spells leukemia. A new freckle on the skin translates to melanoma."

Zgourides says millions of Americans suffer from health anxieties that range from minor to intense. People who have them come from all walks of life, yet little information is published for the average reader. "This observation, in part, originally inspired me to write Stop Worrying About Your Health?" Dr. Zgourides said.

In this self-help guide, Dr. Zgourides offers effective step-by-step strategies for countering illness obsession. The doctor and clinical psychologist, who has expertise in mind-body psychology, helps readers understand their preoccupation with physical illness and symptoms. Learn to identify and treat underlying causes of worry, counteract irrational self-talk about minor, everyday physical symptoms, and accept and redefine your experiences with aches and pains--for good. The book does what the title promises: put an end to preoccupying thoughts about illness.

By George D. Zgourides, MD, PsyD

Dr. George Zgourides is a physician, psychologist, and priest with a holistic approach to the complexities of modern life.
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