Standard abbreviations to be used in IJMR.
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Weights and measures
Pub Date: 02/01/2011
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Standard abbreviations to be used in IJMR

The abbreviations should be used in the text, tables and illustrations
without a full stop.

Molar (mole/litre)                  M *
milli molar (m mole/litre)          mM
Micromolar (mole/litre)             [micro]M
mole (quantity of substance)        mol
normal                              N
metre                               m
centimetre                          cm
square centimetre                   [cm.sup.2]
millimetre                          mm
micrometre                          [micro]m
nanometre                           nm
picometre                           pm
mg/ 100 ml                          mg/dl
Angstrom                            [Angstrom]
litre                               1
millilitre                          ml
microlitre                          [micro]l
gram                                g
milligram                           mg
kilogram                            kg
hour(s)                             h
minute(s)                           min
second(s)                           sec
week(s)                             wk
year(s)                             yr
counts per minute                   cpm
Curie                               Ci
rad                                 rad
Roentgen                            R
gravity                             g
ortho                               O
meta                                m
para                                p
intramuscular                       im
intraperitoneal                     ip
intravenous                         iv
subcutaneous                        sc
oral                                po
lethal dose-50                      [LD.sub.50]
Ampere                              A
milli Ampere                        mA
Watt                                W
anti meridiem (before noon)         am
post meridiem (after noon)          pm
volume                              vol
volume ratio (volume per volume)    vol/vol
weight                              wt
weight per volume                   wt/vol
weight ratio (weight per weight)    wt/wt

* Should not be used as an abbrevation for mole
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