Special Issue: Quality of Offspring - The Impact of New Reproductive Technologies in Asia.
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Pub Date: 05/01/2010
Publication: Name: Reproductive Health Matters Publisher: Reproductive Health Matters Audience: General Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Family and marriage; Health; Women's issues/gender studies Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2010 Reproductive Health Matters ISSN: 0968-8080
Issue: Date: May, 2010 Source Volume: 18 Source Issue: 35
Topic: NamedWork: Special Issue: Quality of Offspring - The Impact of New Reproductive Technologies in Asia (Periodical)
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Full Text: Culture, Health and Sexuality 2010;12(2)

Over the centuries, the methods and technologies used to produce desired offspring have varied, with methods of magic, diet and prayer being increasingly replaced with modern methods such as genetic testing and ultrasound scanning. This issue discusses the desired offspring, methods and modes of birth planning and the choices that individuals, couples and families in Asia have to manage the birth of their offspring. The issue considers to what extent women and couples can pursue their choices through agency, submit their preferences to the will of others or are simply acting pragmatically. The values attached to a potential birth are discussed, and the point at which prospective parents consider induced abortion. These values are related to population policies and the influence of surroundings such as the local community, the family and employment. Articles are written about selective abortion in India, prenatal genetic testing for thalassaemia and the production of a "saviour sibling" in China, reproductive decision-making in Japan, exploring prenatal testing in India, and the limits of state intervention in sex-selective abortion in China.

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