South African Medical Association: Merit Awards--2009.
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Pub Date: 02/01/2009
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Full Text: Nominations are invited for the SAMA Merit Awards in the following categories:

1 Human Rights and Health

1.1 Medal of Honour Extra-Ordinaire/Medal of Honour Iconic Award: For the very best human effort, personal sacrifice and or forfeiture of freedom and even life in the cause of humanitarian service.

1.2 Medal of Valour or Brave Conduct : Extraordinary humanitarian service beyond the call of duty in the face of life-threatening danger and personal safety.

1.3 Medal of Transformation, Equity and Justice: In the cause of transformation, justice and equity in the face of personal sacrifice, material loss or threat to security.

1.4 Extraordinary Humanitarian Service in Medicine: Extraordinary humanitarian service beyond the call of duty.

1.5 Gender Acclaim Award: Outstanding contribution in a medical or non-medical field by a female.

2 Chairman's Award

Made by the chairman of SAMA to an individual who rendered outstanding service to the Association and the profession.

3 Medicine Awards

3.1 Fellowship in Art & Science of Medicine: International acclaim of excellence in the practice of medicine as an art and a science.

3.2 Extraordinary Service to Medicine: Outstanding contribution to medicine in a dedicated field.

3.3 Lifetime Achievement: Dedicated and single-minded pursuit of medicine as a career, with distinction.

3.4. Service to the Environment and the Living Habitat: Extraordinary service to the community or nation extending beyond the field of medicine.

3.5 Special Medicine Service: Outstanding contribution to the profession that has made a difference in its execution.

3.6 The Spirit of Medicine: Selfless service to medicine without a view to material gain of personal aggrandisement.

3.7 SAMA Youth Award: A doctor whose age does not exceed 30 years on the recommendation of Pubsec or its younger doctor components.

4 Loyalty Awards

4.1 Lifetime Service to SAMA: Individuals who have rendered services to SAMA (MASA/partner organisations) at a local and national level. Silver: 25 years, Gold: 50 years.

5 Special Awards

5.1 Honorary Member: For outstanding material contribution.

5.2 Medical Luminary: A medical doctor who has distinguished him/herself in a non-medical field.

5.3 Medical Companions: For advancing the science of medicine by a non-medical person.

5.4 Marketing Promotion and Publicity: An extraordinary contribution to upholding the best ethical standards of the medical profession, especially in marketing.

5.5. SAMA Media Awards: A person who has given noteworthy exposure to medicine and/or the work of SAMA in print or electronic media.

6 Branch Awards

Individuals who in the opinion of a Branch have rendered invaluable service for 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 years.

Terms and Conditions

Submissions must be made on a formal application form obtained from SAMA Head Office (012 481-2000) or; or via the SAMA website Deadline for submissions: 27 February 2009. Email:

Dr P N Govender: Chairman, Merit Awards Committee
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