Soul Jazz: Definition.
Article Type: Poem
Author: Zulu, Itibari M.
Pub Date: 11/01/2010
Publication: Name: Journal of Pan African Studies Publisher: Journal of Pan African Studies Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Social sciences Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2010 Journal of Pan African Studies ISSN: 0888-6601
Issue: Date: Nov, 2010 Source Volume: 4 Source Issue: 1
Accession Number: 306754390
Full Text: June 16, 2004

Los Angeles, California

Itibari M. Zulu is the senior editor of The Journal of Pan African Studies, and the First Vice President of The African Diaspora Foundation. His poetry has appeared in Essence magazine and The Griot (the journal of the Southern Conference on African American Studies).
Soul Jazz: Definition

   Born in hard bop
   to give emphasis
   to the groove
   with my organ definition,
   it's my music,
   funk Gospel blues
   as we guess on the bass
   with my organ
   taking the roll.

   I hear Horace Silver's piano
   and Jimmy Smith's organ
   give a jazz soul
   and soul jazz
   to my eardrums;
   and echoing
   for a true
   and a true sound
   to my
   soul jazz.
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